Social Media Prompts for Doulas

Connect with Clients via Social Media

Social media is how many of us connect and share with clients. These Social Media Prompts for Doulas: Use social media to connect with your clients. The following social media prompts can make it easier. Use these as your guide.

Share a Transformation Tuesday Story:

    • Encourage your clients to share their birth experiences and postpartum journeys. Highlight the transformative power of support and care. Please encourage them to share a picture and their story.

Ask for Birth Affirmations:

    • Request your followers to share their favorite birth affirmations. Create a positive and uplifting space for soon-to-be parents.
    • Create and share birth affirmations with your branding for people to share on social media.


Social Media Prompts for Doulas
Social Media Prompts for Doulas
Connect with Clients via Social Media

Spotlight a Birth Business Collaboration:

    • Feature a collaboration with another professional in your community. Share how working together enhances the support you provide to families.
    • These can be small business professionals, other birth workers, health professionals, car services, nutrition professionals, family services like WIC, or groups like La Leche League International. In your social media prompts, feel free to share their content also.

Wellness Wednesday Tips:

    • Share quick and practical wellness tips for expectant or new parents every Wednesday. Offer insights on self-care, nutrition, or mental health.
    • Share recipes for smoothies, quick dinners, relaxation tips, etc.

Throwback Thursday Birth Stories:

    • Invite past clients to share their birth stories for Throwback Thursday. Showcase the diversity of birth experiences and the continuity of your care.

Client Testimonial Showcase:

    • Create a series of posts featuring client testimonials. Share the impact of your support on families and how it has made a difference in their birthing journey.
    • Create images with their testimonials for social media.

Interactive Q&A Session:

    • Host a live Q&A session where followers can ask questions about birth, postpartum care, or your services. Create an engaging and informative discussion.
    • Host a Meet the Doula at the library, hospital, or birthing center.

Postpartum Self-Care Challenge:

    • Initiate a self-care challenge for postpartum parents. Encourage them to share their self-care routines, creating a supportive community for new moms and dads.
    • Have a fun gift for a contest winner, like a fruit basket or massage.

Friday Birthworker Spotlight:

    • Shine a spotlight on a fellow birth worker or doula in your community, and let people know why you chose them as a collaborator or backup. Share with people where you trained and why. Celebrate their contributions to the birthing world and foster a sense of camaraderie.

Ask for Birth and Postpartum Tips:

  • Encourage your followers to share their favorite birth or postpartum tips. Create a thread of valuable insights that can benefit your entire community.

Maximize the reach and interaction of your social media posts with visually appealing graphics, engaging captions, and relevant hashtags. Create a supportive and informative online space for your birth business community.