How Doulas Support Clients in Birth

A doula is a professional who provides emotional, physical, and informational support to women during labor and birth. They can help with the benefits of natural birth, including reduced risk of complications, faster recovery, and bonding and breastfeeding. 

Doulas Support Labor

During labor, a doula’s presence can help women feel more confident and relaxed, reducing the need for medical interventions. They provide comfort measures, encouragement, and advocacy to help women navigate labor and advocate for their birth preferences. This ultimately helps to reduce the risk of complications.

Doulas also provide physical support during labor by offering massage, positioning suggestions, and comfort techniques to help women cope with contractions and labor pains. Moreover, by helping women stay relaxed and comfortable, doulas can contribute to a smoother labor process and faster postpartum recovery.

Doulas Support Bonding

Additionally, doulas promote early bonding between mother and baby by encouraging immediate skin-to-skin contact after birth and facilitating breastfeeding initiation. They can offer guidance and support with breastfeeding techniques, positioning, and latch to help establish a strong breastfeeding relationship from the start.

Doulas Support Empowerment

Doulas empower women by providing evidence-based information, emotional support, and reassurance. This helps clients make informed decisions about their care and advocate for their birth preferences. By suggesting positions that promote pelvic opening and baby descent, doulas encourage movement and positioning during labor to facilitate optimal fetal positioning for birth. This can support the natural progression of labor and reduce the likelihood of malpresentation or prolonged labor.

Doulas Create a Supportive Environment

Additionally, doulas create a supportive and nurturing environment during labor, which can promote the release of hormones such as oxytocin and endorphins. As a result, doulas can help clients manage pain, reduce stress, and promote relaxation during labor by offering encouragement, reassurance, and comfort measures.

Finally, doulas support natural childbirth by advocating for minimal interventions and encouraging vaginal birth. This can help babies avoid unnecessary medical interventions that may disrupt their exposure to beneficial bacteria during birth, and promote respiratory health and immune system development.

doulas support birth
doulas support birth

Continuous Support

Doulas provide continuous emotional support during labor. They help women feel safe, supported, and respected throughout the birthing process. This support helps women navigate labor and birth’s emotional ups and downs, promoting positive psychological outcomes. Additionally, doulas can help reduce healthcare costs associated with childbirth. They support natural birth and minimize the need for medical interventions.

Nonjudgement Support

Personalized, one-on-one support helps women feel more confident and empowered to navigate labor and birth without unnecessary interventions, leading to cost savings for families and healthcare systems. Furthermore, doulas honor the physiological process of childbirth. They promote natural birth and support women’s choices and preferences. This compassionate, nonjudgmental support helps women feel respected, empowered, and in control of their birthing experiences, regardless of the birth outcome. Overall, becoming a doula can make birth better.

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Expectant mothers matched with a doula had better birth outcomes than mothers who gave birth without the involvement of a doula.


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