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Become a Birth Arts International Certified Doula!

Doulas are in more demand than ever. Become a doula and support parents!

It’s a wonderful time to be helping families through their births; families need your support.

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Download our “What will I learn?” resource. 

What can you expect from Birth Arts International?

The best trainers in the world! Our trainers offer mentorship, connection, communication, and support. Students can access their classrooms 24/7 and work at their own pace. 

How many doulas have you trained?  Over 45,000 doulas.

Two monthly payments of $255

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Support, we’ve got it!  We want to support you.
We offer unsurpassed support. Offering connections to help you achieve your goals.

Guess what? Learn real business skills from a truly exceptional business visionary. We also teach you how to run a profitable certified doula business.

Extra Fees? Nope. There have never been any hidden fees, none. Moreover, no fees for certification, grading homework or maintaining certified doula status. Certified Doula.  

We are unique because when you are done training, you will have attained:

  • Support, you will know how to be a great doula and why the work is so important.
  • How to support clients 1-on-1.
  • The most well-rounded doula training.
  • We train you to support your community.
  • You will have the most modern certified doula education.
  • Strong ethical and cultural education.
  • Communication skills.
  • International education and support.
  • Ongoing access to resources
  • Leadership that listens and supports you.
  • One-on-one support and education.
  • Business skills and mentorship.
  • Networking and community-building skills.
  • Professional development.
  • Peer development and support.
  • We treat our students as professionals.
  • Students are taught to work in all birth settings.
  • Business Skills and Client Attraction Training
  • Check out our student testimonials 

Certified Doula – Certification Requirements

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This can be a private childbirth education class, virtual, or a hospital-based program. 
Read the required books from the book list. We select titles to assist students in offering their clients the best education and resources.
You will find the Birth Arts International workbook like no other doula training workbook. You will do assignments that look into your heart and challenge your mind and beliefs about birth and labor support. We want students to process and achieve their full potential.
Our Doulas are trained to be successful and work in various environments and with a cross-section of care providers. We require the documentation of attendance at five births. These births can be homebirths, birth center births, hospital births, and C-section births.

What can Birth Arts International Offer You?

Pricing: We work to keep prices low — no certification or grading fees. For example, we have no hidden fees. Some organizations have students pay for certification review, support, and grading.

Educational Materials: In-depth student workbook. Online classroom access. Our multimedia classrooms are full of resources to make you the best doula. Inside, you will also find lectures from birth industry experts, up-to-date resources, and materials from a diverse group.

Support: You get the best support. Join our Facebook group, this group, and get support, community, and ideas to make your work better. We also offer email support and phone support. 

Bonuses: These can be webinars, uploads to the classroom, audio files, etc. In addition, we have industry expert lectures in our classrooms.

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Newsletter: Join our newsletter for articles, information, and business tips.

Access to your program Director: The director answers all student emails and calls for support.

Why are we set up this way?

1. Get your answers when you need them.

2. You get the support when you need it.

3. Above all, to help you succeed.

What do you require for certification? How to become a doula?

1. Complete the reading list.

2. Attend five births.

3. Complete the online classroom.

How long does it take to complete the program? Most take about 4-8 months. All programs are at your own pace. Being a doula is rewarding, a great career, and benefits your community.

Do you have an SOP? Yes, we do. 

Do you have other classes we can take to enrich our practice? Yes, we do. We offer Postpartum Doula Certification, Childbirth Educator Certification, and many other courses to assist you in giving your practice an edge. Already a doula? Check out our Crossover Doula Certification.

How else do you connect with students? We have a Facebook page, student-only Facebook group, newsletter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

One-time payment of $500

Enroll Today! – One Payment

Two monthly payments of $255

Enroll Today! – Payment Plan A  


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