Crossover Doula Certification

Already a Certified or Trained Doula? 

One-time payment $400

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Ready to get your certification for all of that hard work?

Worked for years as a doula and now want to be certified?

Want to change to another professional organization?

Want to be dual certified to increase your skillset and support skills?

Crossover Doula

Crossover/recertification students can use their experience and skill to expedite their educational certification. We accept prior work from other organizations and professional skills and experience to allow you to expedite the certification process.

What will I need to do?

Step One: Enroll in the Crossover Doula Certification Program.

Step Two: Complete the Classroom.

Step Three: Upload your prior experience and resume.

Step Four: Upload prior birth experience, childbirth education experience, and professional experience.

Step Five: Certification Evaluation.

Sounds pretty simple right? Well, it is. We respect and value the experience and education our crossover students bring to the birth world.

We have designed this option to be a fast and easy option for skilled or previously certified doulas. We want to help you get to your goals faster.

One-time payment $400

Enroll Today! – One Payment

What can you expect from Birth Arts International?

certified doula

We will work with you to take your previous training and seamlessly incorporate it with the Birth Arts Doula Certification program.

How many doulas have you trained?  Over 25,000 doulas.

Support, we’ve got it!  We want to support you. We offer networking and mentorship for our certified doula students. Support comes from the Director, trainers, and other students. We offer groups, email, phone, and personalized support. We want to be connected to you. Our certified doula students know they can contact the Director with any questions.

Guess what? We also teach you how to run a profitable certified doula business. Learn real business skills from a truly exceptional business owner.

Extra Fees? Nope. There have never been any hidden fees, none. No fees for certification, grading homework, maintaining certified doula status. Certified Doula. When you enroll in the crossover program, you can say “Goodbye” to certification fees, membership fees, and grading fees. It is all included in your enrollment. All fees are in USD.

We Respect the Work You Have Completed.

Even if you didn’t finish your training with another organization, we could work with you to get you through the Crossover Doula Certification process.

When you enroll, you will be able to use the work you have already done to complete BAI assignments and birth evaluations.

What can Birth Arts International Offer You?

Pricing: We work to keep prices low—no certification or grading fees.

Educational Materials: In-depth student workbook. Online classroom access. Up to date resources and materials.

Online Resources: We use the same software for our classrooms as universities. You will find audio, video, PowerPoints to improve your skills. We also have student-only Q&A sessions and a student group.

No Hidden Fees: When you enroll in our programs, the fee you pay is all we charge. We don’t require that you become a member or pay fees to stay certified. Some organizations have exam fees, certification fees, membership fees, and newsletter fees. Our tuition covers all of that, and you pay it once when you enroll.

Support: You get the best support. Join our Facebook group, and get support, community, and ideas to make your work better. We also offer email support and phone support. Students can call us during office hours or make an appointment for additional educational, professional, and business support. Also, you will be treated respectfully and professionally in all of our student groups.

Bonuses: These can be webinars, uploads to the classroom, audio files, and so much more.

Newsletter: Join our newsletter for articles, information, and business tips.

Access to your program Director: The program director personally answers all student emails and calls for support.

Why are we set up this way?

1. Get your answers when you need them.

2. You get the support when you need it.

3. Sometimes you need emotional support, and the Director will work with you.

What do you require for certification? How to become a crossover doula?

1. Students will upload previous work from other training or organizations.

2. Complete some specific Birth Arts International Activities.

3. Upload previous births and experiences.

Most complete the crossover option in about a month.

Do you have an SOP? Yes, we do. Ours respects our student’s autonomy and professionalism.

How else do you connect with students? We have a Facebook page, student-only Facebook groups, email list, newsletter, Instagram, Pinterest.

Unlike other doula certification organizations, Birth Arts International has no additional fees. Your enrollment fee is the only fee we will charge you. We do not have certification, membership, or examination fees that are due to become certified or to keep your membership current for our childbirth doulas or any other practitioners. All enrollments are final and non-transferable.