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Birth is a journey, being a doula,  is like being a path-keeper. On the road to birth the woman is taken from womanhood to motherhood. The woman is transformed through birth, her birth, her experience, this will effect her whole life. Honoring and preserving the birth experience is the role of the doula. Become a doula.

Birth Arts International Certified Doula trainers are both trained in the Wise Woman tradition which follows the midwifery model of care, these are also brought into the training program. Some of our trainers are midwives, artisans, authors and all are experts in the field of doula education. These diversity in skills assists us in offering our doula training an edge that is like no other. Birth Arts International (BAI) is the premier international doula training organization. We are training women all over the world, working with aboriginal and native health services, hospitals and birth centers to make birth better and safer for women. Birth Arts International has trained over 20,000, as of 2014, doulas world-wide while keeping the intimate one on one student experience we are known for.

As a Birth Arts International Certified Doula you have the exceptional privilege of sharing the unique birthing journey of each mother and her family. Sharing with the mother her path through pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period, offering guidance and professional support. As a Birth Arts International Certified Doula you know that you will also have the most ground-breaking, intensive education program available. Training to be a doula is a rewarding and amazing process. Doula certification can be a rewarding career.

We offer the most student support of any organization, we make that paramount to the educational experience. In additional we have offer extensive networking and mentor-ship for our students, that is student based, from the trainers and from the program director. We offer students online and email support groups, phone calls and Skype sessions are all ways we connect you with your education and student body.  Birth Arts International Certified Doula Training explores the physical, scientific and spiritual aspects of birth and being a doula. There have never been any hidden fees, certification fees, and no costs for membership or re-certification. Students have an open completion timeline and work at their own pace.

We are unique because when you are done training you will have attained:

  • Sustainable business skills and emerging marketing support to assist in professional doula development
  • Mentor-ship and student support and all aspects of being a doula
  • Information on running a successful practice and development as a doula in training
  • Support and client care skills
  • The most in depth and advanced doula training program
  • Skills used by and necessary to be a successful doula working to support her community
  • The most up to date doula education
  • Strong ethical and cultural education
  • International education and support
  • A variety of supportive skills and honor for your other skills you bring to your education
  • Leadership that listens and supports you on your path.
  • One-on-one support and education
  • Networking and community building skills
  • Professional development
  • Peer development and support
  • We treat our students as autonomous professionals
  • Students are encouraged to work in a variety of care settings

Certified Doula - Certification Requirements

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This can be a private childbirth education class or hospital based program. We require this so you know what women in your area are receiving as childbirth education. Hour requirement is 4-8 hours.
Read the required books from the book list. We require a few more books than most certifying bodies because we feel it is essential to view birth with an open mind and an educated mind. Reading two to three more books can assist in doing this but it also exposes students to different viewpoints and perceptions of the birth process.
You will find the Birth Arts International workbook like no other doula training workbook. You will do assignments that look into your heart and challenge you mind and perceptions of birth and labor support. We want students to fully process and achieve their maximum potential. Assignments will challenge your views of birth, yourself and the work you will be doing.
We require the documentation of attendance at 5 births. These births can be homebirths, birth center births, hospital births and C-section births. Doulas are trained to be successful practitioners, and to work in a variety of environments and with a cross section of care providers.


  • Working Computer, this really useful no matter your enrollment option.
  • Working DVD Drive on computer, or ability to stream audio and media. We no longer send CDs but most childbirth videos are now on DVD or streaming.

What can Birth Arts International Offer You?


Welcome to learning about what makes Birth Arts International special and a unique learning environment. Our education programs honor and support students in their educational and professional journey.

What do we have to offer students?

Consistent Pricing: We make sure our tuition is consistent and doesn’t change yearly.

Educational Materials: Your student workbook has over 340 pages of information for you. These are up to date and at the forefront of birth education.

Online Resources: We use the same software for our classroom as universities. You will find audio, video, PowerPoint and other resources to improve your professional skills.

No Hidden Fees: When you enroll in our programs the fee you pay is all we charge. We don't require that your become a member or pay fees to stay certified. Some organizations have exam fees, certification fees, membership fees and newsletter fees. Our tuition covers all of that, and you pay it once, when you enroll.

Support: You get the best support. Join our Facebook group, this group and get support, community and ideas to make your work better. We also offer email support and phone support. Students can call us during office hours or make an appointment for additional educational, professional and business support. In addition, you will be treated respectfully and professionally in all of our student groups.

Educational Bonuses: When you enroll you also get access to our educational bonuses. These are offerings that are free for students to take part in, like uploaded lectures to the online classroom, webinars, conference calls, educational and business resources.

Newsletter: Join our newsletter for articles, information and business tips.

Access to your program Director: All student emails, and calls for support are personally answered by the program director.

Why are we set up this way?

1. Get you answers when you need them.

2. You get the support when you need it.

3. Sometimes you need emotional support and the director will work with you.

What do you require for certification?

1. Complete the reading list.

2. Attend 5 births

3. Complete the activities in the student workbook.

4. Complete business and professional activities.

How long does it take to complete the program? All programs are at your own pace. Most students take about 4-8 months to complete the program. If you need a break or take longer that is fine.

Do you have an SOP? Yes, we do. Ours respects our student’s autonomy and professionalism.

How else do you connect with students? We have a Facebook page, student only Facebook groups, email list, newsletter, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Birth Arts International offers three ways to become a certified Birth Arts International Certified Doula (BAICD):

Weekend Workshop

Local Training

Access to eLearning after your in person class

No Shipping costs

Professional Trainers

Connection to community

eLearning Education Program

On-line 24/7

Instant access to materials

No Shipping Costs

All of your educational materials are online and you can work wherever you have internet

Interactive classroom and student connections online

Mentored Training

Distance Learning

Course Books and On-line Access

Materials sent to you

Access to eLearning Classroom and other students

Mentored Training

Work with other students

Multiple Enrollment Options


Scholarship Options


Unlike other certification organizations, Birth Arts International has no additional fees. Your enrollment fee is the only fee we will charge you. We do not have certification, membership or examination fees that are due to become certified or to keep your membership current for our childbirth doulas or any other practitioners. All enrollments are final and non-transferable.