Keeping Motivated and Getting Stuff Done!

Sometimes self-paced study means we can quickly get off track or distracted. It is important to me that you achieve and attain your goals. I want you to feel accomplished and on top of your studies. We don’t want you to make excuses for yourself or me; I want you to achieve your goals.
Here are some tips that can help.

Keeping Motivated and Getting Stuff Done, let us help you with the following tips.

1. Get organized.

Get a whiteboard, planner, etc.. whatever it takes for you to feel organized. Schedule work, plans, posts, etc… Organize your workspace, home, etc.. organize to make your life easier.
I am a vacuuming nut; I’m not too fond of dirty floors, so I got a robotic vacuum to make my life easier and always have a clean office floor without the added work. Not having to worry about some chores helps keep me motivated and get stuff done for me.

2. Have a designated study area.

I know this sounds hard, but have a study area. Make sure it is comfortable, well-lit, and clean. A clean workspace will help you feel more organized.
It can be a fold-down desk in a corner, secretary cabinet, office space, etc… Have a comfy place to read and an excellent place to work. Check out antique and used furniture stores for really cool solutions, or look up home office nooks on Pinterest.

3. Give yourself a designated study time.

Have a time when you study every day or every week. Even 2 hours a week can help you make real progress. During this study time, this is all you do, study. I know this can be really hard. Please have a chat with your family and tell them precisely what you need. The first few times may cause you stress, and you may feel like giving in, but trust me, they will get on board, and when you celebrate attaining goals, they will celebrate with you.

4. Take notes, audio or text notes.

Studies have shown that the actual act of taking notes will help you learn and retain information.

5. Look into audiobooks and PDF readers.

Try getting audiobooks, having your computer read the PDFs to you, etc… Use the tools you have to make your life easier and to keep you motivated.

6. Set Reminders.

Use your calendar feature on your computer, calendar apps, etc.. to help you set reminders. So many exist, so it is pretty easy to find one that will work for you. These will help you in keeping motivated and getting stuff done

7. Assign yourself due dates.

Take the time to schedule out due dates for yourself. Some people need the pressure of a due date to keep them focused. You can share your due dates with me. Get an accountability partner, even someone in a different type of program or a friend, to help you stay on track.

8. Move that butt!

Use your body and move around at least a little. I know that some of my most creative times come from swimming or soaking in water, and I swim in my pool for at least 45 minutes a day. That is time I can let my body work out whatever blocks I am having, and my mind/body can’t answer emails or work in any way. This allows me time to focus and regroup. Some people walk, do yoga, run, find what works for you.

9. Share and talk.

Use our student group for more than just asking questions about work, and let’s start sharing how we make it work.

10. Be Patient.

Be patient with yourself. You’ve got this. If you read this and don’t believe you can do it, reach out. We can set up a time to chat. Keeping Motivated and Getting Stuff Done is possible.

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