Crossover Postpartum Doula Certification


Are you ready to obtain your Postpartum Doula certification for all your hard work? Have you already received training or certification elsewhere?

Have you been working as a Postpartum Doula for years and now wish to become certified? Are you interested in switching to another professional organization?

Or perhaps you want to become dually certified to enhance your skill set and support skills? Our Crossover Postpartum Doula Certification is the program for you.

Already Trained or Certified?

Crossover/recertification students can use their experience and skills to expedite their educational certification. We accept prior work from other organizations and professional skills and experience to allow you to expedite the certification process.

We Respect the Work You Have Completed.

Even if you didn’t finish your training with another organization, we work to get you through the Crossover Postpartum Doula Certification process. Recertify with Birth Arts International.

Therefore, when you enroll, you can use the work you have already done to complete BAI assignments and birth evaluations.

Crossover Postpartum Doula working with client

How does it all work?

What will I need to do? Follow these steps.

One: Enroll in the Crossover Postpartum Doula Certification Program.

Two: Complete the Classroom work, and upload previous work and experience.

Three: Upload prior birth experience, childbirth education experience,  professional experience, and resume.

Four: Certification Evaluation.

Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, it is. We respect and value the experience and education our crossover students bring to the birth world.

Above all, we have designed this option to be fast and easy for skilled or previously certified postpartum doulas. We want to help you get to your goals faster.

What do you require for certification? How to become a crossover postpartum doula?

1. Firstly, students will upload previous work from other training or organizations.

2. Secondly, complete some specific Crossover Postpartum Doula -Birth Arts International Activities.

3. Thirdly, upload previous client work, assignments and client experiences.

In conclusion, most complete the crossover postpartum doula certification in about a month.

Do you have an SOP? Yes, we do. Ours respects our student’s autonomy and professionalism.

How else do you connect with students? We have social media accounts and student-only groups to help students to communicate with us and each other.


Why Cross Certify with Birth Arts International?

Ready for Lifetime Certification?

You’ve already trained or certified with another organization and are now seeking something more. You want the exclusivity of a lifetime certification and the recognition for your previous experience that only Birth Arts International can offer. In addition, our unique Crossover Certification program provides an exclusive opportunity for postpartum doulas trained by other organizations to earn their postpartum doula certification through us.

Want to join the Birth Arts International Family?

By joining Birth Arts International, you become part of a connected and holistic training organization. We are known for our unsurpassed support, fostering a community that is ready to make a difference in birth. Are you prepared to be part of this supportive network?

Gain more training and advanced skills.

Our program will offer you the same advanced training information and bonuses as our standard postpartum doula certification.

Attain Additional Business Skills and Training

Participate in our connection calls and access our business training and skills materials to improve your business. Furthermore, you will learn to plan for long-term business success.


Desire a Deeper Postpartum Doula Training Experience?

A desire for a deeper understanding of how to support clients and make birth better. You yearn for more profound knowledge and appreciation of supporting postpartum doula clients—a passion for a sincere, robust, and efficient certification process.


Over the excessive fees.

Are you tired of the financial burden of excessive fees? Recertification, grading, membership, and group fees? Year after year… With Birth Arts International, you can breathe a sigh of relief. We don’t have additional fees, and our certification is for a lifetime, ensuring your financial security and peace of mind.