Childbirth Educator Certification Program (CBE)

Childbirth Educator Certification (CBE)

Birth Arts International - Childbirth Educator Enroll Today! Birth Arts International has been offering this dynamic childbirth education training program for students for over 20 years. This training keeps with the BAI philosophy and continues to provide students with extensive education and support. You will find our CBE graduates teaching independently, birth centers, and hospitals all over the world. Become a Childbirth Educator, offering parents a holistic and natural choice for childbirth education. Birth Arts International is guided by knowing and trusting parents. This program will assist you in teaching not only stellar Childbirth Education classes but also to reinforce positive birthing imagery and beliefs for parents. We teach our students to teach courses that benefit and offer clients access to resources in their community. Students can take the program and get full access to our exclusive support system and virtual classroom.
Students have to complete the reading list, assignments, complete the workbook assignments, audit a CBE session, teach your own, make class materials and handouts, you will have to teach your own session to be reviewed and complete a business plan. Usually, the program takes about six months for students to complete, the program is at your own pace and students can work when life allows. Students do not pay any additional fees or have to re-certify. Students can connect with other students via our email list and the Facebook student-only groups. You also have access directly to your primary instructor through email, telephone and student messaging
Birth Arts Students who attend the weekend training workshop should know that there are additional assignments to be completed in the period afterwards before certification. There are no additional fees for certification or membership.
  • Working Computer, this really useful no matter your enrollment option.
  • Working DVD Drive on computer, or ability to stream audio and media. We no longer send CDs but most childbirth videos are now on DVD or streaming.
  • Skype Account for student/teacher interactions. This is a free internet telephoney. If you cannot use Skype we can find an alternative, but it is preferred.
  • Audacity to record a lecture for teacher- this is a free download
  • Microphone headset- Around $25-50.00

Weekend Workshop

Local Training

Access to eLearning after your in person class

No Shipping costs

Professional Trainers

Connection to community

eLearning Education Program

On-line 24/7

Instant access to materials

No Shipping Costs

All of your educational materials are online and you can work wherever you have internet

Interactive classroom and student connections online

Mentored Training

Distance Learning

Course Books and On-line Access

Materials sent to you

Access to eLearning Classroom and other students

Mentored Training

Work with other students

Multiple Enrollment Options

Scholarship Options

Unlike other certification organizations, Birth Arts International has no additional fees. Your enrollment fee is the only fee we will charge you. We do not have certification, membership or examination fees that are due to become certified or to keep your membership current. All enrollments are final.