Aromatherapy for Pregnancy Birth and Postpartum

Birth Arts International - Nutrition for Doula PracticeAromatherapy for Pregnancy Birth and Postpartum

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How will the program be delivered?
This program will be in large part audio lectures so you can take your program in the car, the gym or anywhere you want. The classroom is online, with .pdfs, PowerPoint presentations, and audio. Students will work in an online classroom, and be able to login 24 hours a day, and seven days a week. Students will have access to the class for as long as they need, and resources will be updated and added to, to always expand the learning experience. In addition we will be continuing to update and enhance course materials, and students even upon completion will have access for an additional year to allow them to get all updates and added bonuses. When you enroll you will get an email with enrollment instructions or you can directly enroll at

What does the program cover?

  • Introduction to Aromatherapy
  • Essential Oils for the Birth Professional- Aromatherapy for Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum
  • Discover what learning tools and options for connections and learning that are available to the students.
  • What is aromatherapy, history and development
  • What are essential oils, distillation methods.
  • Essential oil general safety.
  • Essential oil safety and pregnancy.
  • Essential oil quality and standards.
  • Safe Oil Lists.
  • Evaporation, Notes and Blending
  • Proper Storage and Purchasing
  • Essential oils for pregnancy issues, like morning sickness, exhaustion, insomnia, hyperemesis gravidarum, ligament pain, varicose veins, sore muscles and many more issues common in pregnancy.
  • Essential oils for birth and labor, pain management, massage, transition, the final push, etc..
  • Essential oils for postpartum issues like “the blues”, exhaustion, anxiety, body care, infant care, breastfeeding and the common issues that occur in the first six weeks postpartum.
  • Ethics in essential oils use and birth work.
  • Being a safe and creative practitioner.
  • Making sure you are not working in a way to inhibit but enhance your birth practice.
  • Proper processes in Care Settings.
  • Students Questions Answered
  • Where to buy, how to buy essential oils, researching essential oils.
  • Further aromatherapy education, resources and helpful information for students and birth professionals.
  • Professional development and incorporating aromatherapy for pregnancy, birth and postpartum.
  • What else? Students will also be invited to a secret Facebook group to connect and learn with other students, bonuses will be added to enhance your educational experience, and we are looking at having some conference calls, hangouts, etc.. to support you on your journey.

Cost of Class is $399 – eLearning only for Aromatherapy for Pregnancy Birth and Postpartum class.

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