Breastfeeding Educator Certification (BEC)

,Breastfeeding Educator Certification (BEC)

Birth Arts International - Breastfeeding Educator Certification (BEC)

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Obtain Breastfeeding Educator Certification (BEC), and assist women to breastfeed and nourish their infant with confidence and pride!

The purpose of the Birth Arts International Breastfeeding Educator Certification (BEC) is to provide childbirth professionals, such as doulas, postpartum doulas, childbirth educators, midwives, nurses, midwife’s assistant, and community support workers comprehensive training in breastfeeding education. When the student completes the Breastfeeding Educator Certification (BEC) program they will be qualified to teach, support, and educate the public on breastfeeding and related issues and policies. This is a 120 hour educational program.

When students enroll in this eLearning program they will receive a Breastfeeding Educator course book to assist them with their studies.

Course Requirements:

  • Complete all workbook activities, this includes Q&A, Essays, Reflective Practices and hands on activities.
  • Read all required reading materials.
  • Attend local breastfeeding organizations in your local community.
  • Complete Research paper on an aspect of Breastfeeding.
  • Submit a completed resume or CV.
  • Submit a class outline or PowerPoint presentation for assisting parents with breastfeeding and common breastfeeding issues.
  • Work for clients in your community.
  • Attend 10 Breastfeeding meetings. Make the meetings two different types at least. For example, 5 La Leche League International meetings, 5 peer breastfeeding /community/ public health meetings (contact Department of Health, Healthy Start, WIC for suggestions).

Some of what you will learn:

  • How to support mothers immediately postpartum
  • How to support mothers with common latching, mastitis, pumping and overall breastfeeding issues
  • Breast anatomy and physiology
  • Nutrition for breastfeeding mothers
  • Benefits of breastfeeding for the mother and baby
  • Appropriate examination and care techniques
  • Attend local breastfeeding meetings and learn about regional breastfeeding options.
  • The importance of breastfeeding support for families, women’s health and infant health
  • The nutritional aspects of breastfeeding and the importance for social health
  • Support breastfeeding normalcy
  • Support and education for mothers who are having issues with breastfeeding.
  • Universal precautions and so much more…


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