What our students have to say

What our students have to say..

Here are just a few student comments about the programs, as you can see they love it!

I am very pleased with this course and I am so thankful that I found this course. I searched for nearly 5 years for the perfect course for me and my schedule. I love that it was self-paced and that I can go back and reference different videos, slides and/or etc. Kiana Shuntiel Hicksonbottom
This experience was truly such an inspiration. The things I loved most about the course were the wide range of references and visuals that were used as a collective curriculum. It is important as an educator to be able to have different types of references such as articles, audio clips, visual aids, cheat sheets, etc. to ensure that your information is being received effectively. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Angela West-Robinson
There is so much I enjoyed about this course. I appreciate, so much, the inclusive language throughout. Using terms like chestfeeding/feeding human milk, etc is so nice to see in a training program. I also loved how you brought black doulas in the educate us on racism and awareness of biases. It is a wonderful change of pace. The way you believe postpartum work is sacred and so very valuable was enjoyable to read as well. All of the modules were broken down nicely in easy-to-get-through formats. I want to add that I have been a trained postpartum doula with xxxx xxx for over four years, but decided to certify with BAI due to the praises it receives in the community. Not only through the training, but also through the support you provide on a consistent basis for your students. I was able to get through this training so fast, just because it was enjoyable and I am currently working full time with postpartum clients, so certain requirements were easier for me to obtain. S. Campbell
I have loved the Doula Certification program. It is exactly what I wanted from a training program – it is holistic, woman-centered, and spiritual. I enjoyed the assignments and activities, I learned so much from doing them all. I liked all the books on the reading list. I found the material covered so interesting, thought-provoking, unique, and thorough. All of these aspects have made me feel very prepared and ready to work as a doula!

I enjoyed the Birth Arts philosophy and approach so I am continuing on with the Postpartum training now and am looking forward to it!

I highly recommend the Birth Arts Doula training program, it is the best in my opinion! It’s the most holistic! Julia Fuller-Kling

I find myself at the end of this journey to become a Certified Doula and I am truly amazing at all I have completed in the past two years. Going into this course, I honestly thought I would be able to finish most of the work within 6 months with one year being the longest it would take me to get the clients and such to complete all the requirements. Little did I know that as soon as I signed up for the course, I would find myself pregnant with baby number five and go through the first year hardly able to complete much of anything. Still, despite many of the setbacks and frustrations in figuring out childcare with 5 young children, I wanted to push myself to complete this course within the time limit given. Now here I am, about to submit all my paperwork for the course and I see what a long way I have come from the person who joined up almost two years ago. I feel this course is absolutely and completely thorough and come back to the page often to read through different things, from the links to rebozo use to the traditions of healing, and I am so proud to have worked through the Birth Arts International certification for doula over some of the others I had looked at before. I love that there is a Facebook group where I can go to voice any issues I might be having with my certification work or to network with other fellow Birth Arts doulas. I am proud to be a part of this group of wonderfully wise women and look forward to serving expecting women and their families for many years to come! BAILeslie Westenhaver
Birth Arts International is the most well-rounded and empathetic training program available. They are so patient and understand that life still goes on while you are training. I’m grateful I chose BAIAna Greisman, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Community Doula Services
Probably the main thing I enjoyed during this study has been the support I’ve felt for my holistic & natural approach to the birth process. I felt that I fit. I didn’t feel like “woa-I don’t believe any of this” like I do in a Western Medicine approach to pregnancy & birth.K.F from AZ
This program was phenomenal! When I started this certification, I had 3 friends who were being certified through DONA. Here I am, still studying, reading, and working on my assignments. They were all certified within 1-3 months. At first they laughed at me, saying how ridiculous it was that I was spending all this time when I could have had the same piece of paper for much less. Now, my phone and e-mail are constantly being bombarded with questions and concerns. I know that a lot of people recognize DONA over other organizations, and I was concerned at first about whether or not women and couples would hire me. Well, the knowledge and confidence I have gotten from this program have shown through. My phone rings off the hook and I find myself having to refer clients to other doulas because I can’t take on that many clients. The referrals I get from clients and birth workers are amazing. I honestly give all the credit to this program. I never would have been this prepared and comfortable walking into other women’s births if it hadn’t been for Birth Arts International and the women that are a part of it.Meagan DePerro
I belong to the BAI Birth Doula course at Heywood Hospital and it is amazing! What an opportunity we have been given to be allowed in the room when a woman is laboring and giving birth! The BAI workshop was amazing and I am so happy to have photos from it. Memories that have been instilled in my mind forever and what an empowering weekend it was! Being surrounded by women who have similar beliefs about birth was just incredible. I have loved every part of this program, ok the books were tough to read (some are very dry for me), but overall what more can a person ask for! Thanks to everyone at BAI who help, and are so attentive to the needs of students!S. O. from MA
I have been enrolled with Birth Arts for 6 months now. I am finding the program to be incredibly supportive, encouraging, and enriching. The material is holistic and challenges both your mind and heart. It really makes you look inside and explore and examine yourself. I have completed another doula course and it was quite different to this one, in that is was more about learning some set material and then writing a exam to ensure the correct knowledge was in my head. Birth Arts seems more interested in ensuring that I am grounded and focused within myself and that my heart is in the right place, knowing that my head will follow that. It is a comprehensive program and as a result it is taking me longer to complete than a purely intellectual course would (for me). Having come from a very theoretical and scientific background myself, I find this shift in focus both new and different, the result is very fulfilling. I don’t think I could have chosen a better course for where I am on my journey. Thanks for the opportunity! Regards JaneJane Weideman
What was your favorite part of the training? I loved the Rebozo part, It was great to learn so much about it since I am a representative for The Rebozo Way, and it added much more for me than just babywearing!Megan Phillips
Birth Arts changed the way I view and do doula work. Even though I trained with another organization before I did Birth Arts, I thought I learned 100% more than I ever learned before.BC in Virginia
Doula Training Book that Demetria Clark has put together for this program is OUT OF THIS WORLD AWESOME!!!! I didn’t even realize it was packed full of so many cool things until after the workshop was over! I love how we were able to address the things that are best talked through with Demetria here and that the rest we can absorb in our own time frames with the book as we work through the rest of our certification.Minda Bare- Quote from AllDoulas
Hi Demetria! I just wanted to tell you how excited I am about starting the Doula program! I have thought so much about it,and feel that I made the right decision. I can’t wait for it to arrive!!!!Student upon enrolling
I can’t believe I am finally a BAI student. I have been researching and saving for this. I love the workbook and feel I can truly serve women and help families.Alice in UK
I love this program. It rocks!!! I feel so in tune with moms.SK in Canada
Learning with BAI has been great. I passed my IBCLC with flying colors and love being a lactaction consultant. I was so overwhelmed at first by the work load, but I soon realized that I was learning more than I could have ever expected. I took other lactaction classes before, but this one was the one that was by far the best I have ever taken. Thanks,Billy C.
Dear Demetria, I love the CBE program. I had a hard time getting into it the program at first. It seemed so hard, but having you walk me through it and believing in me was, no is the reason I succeeded. You told me I could do it and I did. I had been out of school for so long I was afraid to jump back in again, and you made it painless and fun. Thanks, Kim in Norway
Thank you Demetria and BAI for letting me attain my dreams. I have always wanted to work in the birth community and your guidance and patience made it possible.M. B. 2010
BirthArts opens your eyes to the real true needs of birth. Through this awesome program you can study from home and work around a schedule that over programs may not allow. The BirthArts Program pushes you to really examine why you are pursing your role in birth whether to educate, assist or perform in the birth process. It makes you look at yourself as a person and learn what is required. Once you have looked at the part of why you want to pursue the program; Demetria then created a program from her own experiences of how birth works, what needs are, what roles are and how to set-up boundaries, set-up your business and how to be successful. The requirements to become a doula in which I am pursing are awesome. BirthArts when making my choice seemed to go above what other programs require of you. In the BirthArts program you read more, study more, and attend more births in order to receive a certification. The process of birth is precious. BirthArts takes birth very serious. Through the amazing reading list that she has required using some of the greats such as Ina May Gaskin, Penny Simkin, and Michel Odent to teach alongside of us She also uses her assignments to not only inform but to make you question and reason why you feel the way you do in your role. They require another level of researching and learning about the process and needs of a woman and her family during birth. I looked at a variety of programs and feel I made an amazing decision in BirthArts and I have recommended and will continue to recommend this program.J. Larson 2011
I have learned a lot through my studies with Birth Arts International. They have a fantastic Birth Doula program. It has really helped me look deep within myself in a spiritual way, to really help women and babies. It has helped me prepare myself emotionally for birth work.Brooke Hosey 2011
When I began my doula journey I certified with one of the large doula organizations. As I’ve journeyed with women over the past 8 years though, I’ve found my views changing and considered letting go of certification altogether. Then I disc…overed BAI. When I read the Introduction to the birth doula certification – I cried. I felt like I had come home. I am proud to be a student with BAI, and am so very excited to see where this journey leads.Sarah Stanford Stogryn 2011
I really liked this course a lot. I definitely feel as though there were many things included in this course that I wasn’t expecting and I really appreciated that. I think that one thing that would be awesome that wasn’t included in this course or my course to train for a newborn specialist are videos. I am a very visual learner and I think that a video aspect would be awesome and really help people like me learn even faster. Thanks so much for this course.Amie Salter 2011 Postpartum Doula Student

Just to let everyone know we are adding more videos soon.

I’m struggling to come up with any ideas for things to be added to this course, as I felt it covered such a fantastic array of topics. I know I’ve been a better birth doula & postpartum doula because of materials you taught in this postpartum training! I appreciated the assignment on death discussion and that prompted me to attend a perinatal loss sensitivity training program at a local hospital. I’m still searching for a good book title that can be shared with parents, so including any extra resources on that could be nice. I’m also trying to find an infant massage program, which again would be a whole program by itself but it might be fun to include a handout or readings on the importance of skin-to-skin and massage for babies. That fit nicely under the section on infant handouts. I loved the herbal assignment from the birth doula program and that might also fit in nicely with the postpartum training, for nursing teas and herbal baths. Because of your birth training I researched herbs and was able to create an herbal bath mix for clients and they’ve all loved it! So that material could be incorporated into your postpartum training, too. Though really I think this course was amazing and already taught me so very much so I don’t really know that there’s anything you would need to change, it’s been invaluable. Thank you!!Heidi 2011- Postpartum Doula
I was a little overwhelmed in the beginning, but feel that any questions I had were address quickly and completely. Many of the assignments made me think outside of my norm and helped me grow as a person and will be a HUGE asset to me as a doula. I don’t think there is much need for change with this course as you allow flexibility to fit individual situation when needed. Thank you!R.W. 2011
Thank you for providing such a wonderful program to help me gain the skills to better serve my community. I had to really push myself to complete these courses in the time frame I set for myself, but it has given me a feeling of accomplishment I haven’t felt in a while…and help my confidence in my ability to make a difference. Also THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for providing the scholarship option….we are very limited financially and I would not have been able to take these course without it. As soon as I’m done paying my mom back for the last one…I’ll have the challenge of picking which of course to take nextRobin- 2012
Probably the main thing I enjoyed during this study has been the support I’ve felt for my holistic & natural approach to the birth process. I felt that I fit. I didn’t feel like “woa-I don’t believe any of this” like I do in a Western Medicine approach to pregnancy & birth. I had a hard time for a long time figuring out how to proceed with the course work-“Do I read? Do an assignment?” Finally, I just read the whole manual, not doing any of the assignments that I came across, then did the assignments from the questions on the website. I think the instruction is well-rounded, and relevant.Kelli F. 2012
Demetria, Thanks so much for your work in crafting this wonderful Certified Doula program. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn and work online in my own home and at my own pace. I think that the program is comprehensive! Even the exercises that I found challenging were great for introspection. I am happy to have spent these months of my life birthing this process! Thanks so much,De’Andrea J. 2012
I liked the holistic style this program offered. I also really appreciated the scholarship that was granted to me as I never would have been able to take this course without it!VR. 2011
I belong to the BAI Birth Doula course at Heywood Hospital and it is amazing! What an opportunity we have been given to be allowed in the room when a woman is laboring and giving birth! The BAI workshop was amazing and I am so happy to have photos from it. Memories that have been instilled in my mind forever and what an empowering weekend it was! Being surrounded by women who have similar beliefs about birth was just incredible. I have loved every part of this program, ok the books were tough to read (some are very dry for me), but overall what more can a person ask for! Thanks to everyone at BAI who help, and are so attentive to the needs of students!S. Oser, 2012
Demetria, this course was perfect for me! It allowed me to work at my own pace, having a small nursling and homeschooling. I learned so much about herbs and healing. I am so proud to be with this certifying agency. I am grateful we are not discouraged from doing things that are so beneficial to mothers such as aromatherapy. I honestly did not know anything about it before this course, and now I am a wealth of information. The long book list was hard to get through, I admit, but I feel like the time and effort I have put into this has paid off and that my knowledge level is higher than other doulas at this point. The book reads were definitely on the midwifery model of care, and I appreciate that. I also love how we submit our assignments and can see what is left to do. That helped me a lot. The facebook page has been extremely beneficial to me and the ladies are fabulous. Birth Arts Doulas are amazing. I love that you chime in when needed as well. The assignments stretched me in my thinking and were hard! I believe that the hard things are the good things, though. I feel completely prepared to move forward as a doula and I feel like I owe so much to you for this opportunity to train as a doula and work in ministry and even be able to help my husband by supplementing our families income. This has been a huge blessing to us. I really wouldn’t change anything about the course. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!Crystal Snider- 7/2012
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