Birth Arts International Scholarship Options

Birth Arts InternationalScholarship students must order from this page.

To apply please email and send a paragraph or two on why you need a scholarship and your plans.

Scholarship enrollments are only for the complete course online in our virtual classroom environment.  We are not able to offer full scholarships, all are partial. The price listed is the remaining part of the tuition.

The online classrooms have a full virtual classroom, with interactive video and audio components. We have doula scholarship options, along with postpartum doula, childbirth educator, and breastfeeding educator.

To enroll in a scholarship option upon approval, you will be sent an enrollment coupon. We encourage all students with the need to apply, we need birth workers in all communities.  

Make sure in your scholarship email you let us know exactly what certifications you want to enroll in so we can send you a coupon that is good for the class you want and any combination of courses.

If you would like to purchase bulk enrollments for a study group please email We often offer bulk enrollments for groups who want to work together or health care facilities.

Has the Birth Arts International Scholarship plan benefited you? Do you want to give back?

Many students have a desire to give back after they have launched successful companies and ask to donate to our scholarship fund. Although that is a generous and wonderful gift, at Birth Arts International we would love for your donations to go to charities and organizations to make birth better in your community.