Nutrition in Pregnancy

The following is a student blog post by Amanda Skagen

Nutrition in Pregnancy

Nutrition in Pregnancy Birth Arts Internation
Nutrition in Pregnancy

My name is Amanda and I am going to take you on a tour of nutrition in pregnancy and how they can have a positive influence on your bodies and babies!

What a wonderful topic to look at today.  Nutrition.  What does nutrition mean to you?  Essential foods?  Prenatal vitamins?  Nourishment?  Yes, to all of those.  Nutrition is defined as the process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.*

If we can ward off diseases, sickness, cancers and obesity by God intended food why do we go for the food with no nutrients in it?   I think personally people don’t see the impact of how good nutrient dense food is for you.  Malnutrition is becoming more and more popular in the US, sadly not because of no access to healthy foods, but because we are serving to our bodies.

Now that we have the background of nutrition let’s move on to nutrition in pregnancy.

I can’t describe how important eating healthy foods is when you are pregnant.  The popular saying “Eating for two” doesn’t mean to eat twice as much,  It means that foods you are ingesting are the main source of nutrients for your baby and also importantly yourself.  By eating a healthy diet in pregnancy you can prevent birth defects** and even ward of gestational diabetes AND eclampsia!  Say good-bye to processed junk food and hello to juicy nutrient rich goodness.   Some wonderful foods you can enjoy during pregnancy to benefit yourself, your palate and your sweet baby are watermelon, which can help relieve morning sickness and nausea due to it’s high water content and natural sugars.   Whole grains are another important source of nutrients, like iron, B vitamins and magnesium.  These foods supply energy for your baby’s development and help build the placenta nice and strong!***  One other wonderful thing to consume in pregnancy are herbs, red raspberry leaf to name one can help ease labor pains and help tone the uterus.****

So there you have it, nutrition in pregnancy.  Sit back, enjoy a cup of tea and  please feel free to check out the listed sources as they have more detailed information.






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