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Nutrition Course- Doula Practice offers care providers advanced skills to offer thier clients. For a lot of doulas offering sound nutritional information can be confusing and hard to relay to clients. The Nutrition Course - Doula Practice offers solid practical nutritional information for students and doulas to use in their practice. Learn about proper nutrition and the components that make up solid nutrition. Learn how to support women and families with nutrition and information for their pregnancy and postpartum health. Although this course is written for birth workers, it is also beneficial for herbalists, massage therapists, aromatherapists and other health workers.

Doulas having a sound nutritional education not only enhances the doula practice, but it can assist the doula with helping the mother to enhance her health, pregnancy and outcomes and postpartum health. Serve your clients better and enroll in the Nutrition Course - Doula Practice.

The course covers:

The program consists of the following.

Insurance Reimbursement- Learn how to bill insurance. This option is available for some providers.

Insurance Forms




Digestive System- Learn the importance of the digestive system.

Diet Types- Vegan, Vegetarian, Meat Eater, Raw Foods, etc..

Nutritional Parts

Beneficial Intestinal Bacteria

Healthy Habits

Environmental Toxins- Learn how to stay healthy and free from toxins.

EXERCISE and REST- Movement  

Nourishment of the body.

Nourishment Supporting Life


Required Additional Texts

Staying Healthy with Nutrition, Elson M. Haas; 1992, Celestial Arts Pub.

Nourishing Traditions; Sally Fallon, 2001 Revised Second Edition

One book, students choice on pregnancy nutrition.

Cost of Class is $150.00 - eLearning only for the Nutrition Course - Doula Practice class.

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