Mentorship Program

Sometimes you need a helping hand, and mentorship can be that lifeline in business.

Mentorship is what can make all the difference. No matter how long you have been in business, mentorship and guidance can give you a leg up to leap over the competition.

Let Demetria guide you to focusing and achieving your goals. She knows what it takes to be a successful business and doula; let her guide you.

This 1-on-1 mentorship is with Demetria Clark, the Director of Birth Arts International and a birth business owner since 1998. Learn how to take your business to the 6-figure realm.

With direct and honest guidance, you will:

  • Bypass everyday doula blunders.

  • Achieve a new level of competence and confidence as a doula and birth professional.

  • Learn how to find your worth and make sure you pay yourself a living and sustainable wage to allow your business to grow and thrive. Everyone talks about pay; now you can speak to someone who will be honest, not just blow smoke up your butt.

  • Someone to have hard discussions with you, like,  How to grow and thrive, even with little outside support. Learn how to plan and implement for the future.

  • Avoid professional isolation, but also learn how to be an independent, thriving business focusing on client needs and your community.

  • Help you learn to navigate the needs of family and business.
  • Learn how to work around competition, run your business with integrity, and offer your community the best services.
  • Get your questions answered with experienced, genuine, and honest advice from years of experience. Many business mentors aren’t all that experienced or successful in business; let me share unbiased information and knowledge that has proven to work.

  • Be supported in developing a thriving doula practice. Furthermore, you learn from experience gleaned from supporting over 100,000 birth professionals.

  • Develop new practices to maintain your birth business and well-being simultaneously. Learning to understand how to implement and to also practice self-care.


Package Includes

  • 7 Private Phone calls over six months for mentorship, clarity, accountability, and support. 
  • Clarity means you will have an opportunity to get clear on what you want and need for your business.
  • Accountability means someone will be asking the hard questions, offering guidance, and allowing you to chart your own path.
  • Support, well, it means just that. I will support your process by finding a way to achieve your goals.
  • In addition to phone support, you will also get email support.
  • Social media and website audit done by Demetria and her team.
  • Access to the mentorship classroom and supportive materials and lectures. You get to use this even when the six months are up. This resource will still be there for you, and you can get access to any updates or further sharing of information.
  • Guidance to help you put in place and plan for your future.