I don’t think I need a doula.

The following is a student blog post by a Caitlin Jordan


I don’t think I need a doula.

I don’t think I need a doula.

I’ll have my husband or mom in the room.

We are going to the hospital.

I’m having a c- section.

These are all comments I’ve heard from expecting mothers and I want to address them.  A lot of these comments stem from the idea that a doula is only there in a home birth with no medical interferences at all, this however is untrue.  A doula can be useful in every childbirth atmosphere, from the obvious—homebirth to a scheduled cesarean section. Some even say a doula in the birth room, wherever it may be, is invaluable.

Side Lying Position(1)

  You may ask; How? What could a doula possibly do?  Well allow me elaborate.

A lot of women opt for an epidural, there is nothing wrong with that, it’s perfectly understandable educational choice, and after having one you become bed bound, numb from the waist down, so what can a doula do for the immobile mama?  She can help you move into different positions that encourage your baby to move around and progress down.  Also, she can use a peanut ball or pillows to prop your legs for comfort and more progression and that’s just to start.  Pushing can be very difficult with an epidural and the constant encouragement and knowledge of different pushing positions can help make pushing easier.


What about a cesarean section?  For starters, it is in an operating room and most hospitals have the rule that only the mother and one other can be in there, so I do see why most people can’t imagine a doula being able to help her or her family.  Well first preparing for a C-section is important and doulas are there to answer any questions you may have and walk you through the entire process.  After your c section your body will be going through a lot of changes, it will be a huge adjustment period and nurses are usually taking care of more than one patient so with a doula there you can have unlimited help as long as you want it or is previously agreed upon. That first hour or so after delivery can be an extremely important time to start breastfeeding which a doula can help you figure out and become more comfortable moving baby into good nursing positions.  Also, if you must have a C-section due to medical complications to you or the baby a doula can be great emotional support to the mama and daddy.


There is so much more a doula can do for a mother and her family during childbirth, but these are a few things I hope will show you that a doula is useful in every woman’s idea of childbirth.


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