Attract Clients, a How To Guide

How to Attract Clients

Learning how to attract clients is essential for all business. Even when you own a heart-centered and compassionate company. When you learn how to attract clients you are doing all of this, being successful, profitable and heart-centered. When you learn how to attract clients you way, your business works for you.

Being a birth worker, doula, midwife, etc.. no matter what you are, or call it, is an ancient tradition. Women have been working to support women in labor since the beginning of time.
If birth didn’t work we would not exist as a species, no one would.

We fantasize that it was not work a long time ago, a but sisterhood, etc..
It was though work, and respected. A woman who was good in birth could expect her community to care for her children when she was at a long labor, feed her family and this was how her work was rewarded. She often held a higher social standing in her community and was genuinely cherished and respected.

Attract Clients
Attract Clients

When the medical establishment decided to “end” midwifery they did in a few ways and one was painting her as an irresponsible drunk or illiterate woman with no values. We have stayed strong and triumphed over these obstacles and birth work is resurging and is more popular than other.
Working with mothers is a high calling and one that often takes a lot out of us. But you know what takes more out of us? Not supporting each other, not believing in each other. We need to start believing in each other as much as we believe in mothers. We need to stop “competing” with each other and work on making our practice better. Here are some tips to help you change your birth community and birth dynamic.

How to Attract Clients! How to Attract Clients! How to Attract Clients!

1. Focus on you. Make sure you focus on how to make your practice better. Sometimes it seems that people focus so much on others instead of making positive strides for themselves. Sometimes business professionals spend all of their time looking at others that our energy goes in a direction that is not beneficial to our business. Look outside for inspiration, but focus your energy and power on your business.

2. Connect with your community. Be yourself and make sure you do not ask permission to be their. Do not ask to be part of the birth community. You already are. No one needs to give you permission to work in the birth world. Be polite, professional and kind. This will attract clients. When you learn how to attract clients you will learn what your community feels for you.

3. Find ways to connect with the mothers in your community. Have “meet and greets”, host “Doula Teas”, “Doula Speed Dating”, write editorials for the newspaper, and generally participate in your community at large. Although you may be thinking that you need to reach pregnant women, but you also need to reach people connected with pregnant women. Your audience isn’t other professionals.

4. Suggest books for your library to carry, or donate some good birth resources. Make that connection with the library, or donate to your hospital library.

5. Advertise on your car, on business cards, sponsor menus at restaurants, sponsor the a religious bulletin at your religious affiliation, get t-shirts about doulas, be around as a resource and recognizable brand.

6. You do not need to get permission to be in business from anyone, you have just as much right to own a business as anyone. Sometimes the people who are supposed to love and support us the most are the ones who give us the most resistance. Although it is nice to have others support, it is not always possible. This is when you login to Facebook and connect with other students. We have your back, and don’t forget it.

7. Let competition be someone else’s game. People worry about free services taking all their business, or someone who charges less or more being a threat, but the reality is people will pay for what they feel has value. Be Value.

8. Start a business group, or support group in your community, set the ground rules, lead with kindness, inclusion and compassion. Join our exclusive business training.

9. Contact your local media, do interviews and write articles for newspapers, journals, holistic health papers. Be an area expert. Make sure you let them know where you trained, where your business is and what services you offer and your service areas. How to attract clients, these tips will do this for you.

10. Stop being cheap with you and stop being cheap with your business. This is a profession that you can get into for less than $1000. What other business offers returns like that. Make sure you continue to hone your skill and improve your offerings. 


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