Will I make a good Doula?

Will I make a good Doula?

I often hear this question from students and potential students. It is a good question to ask yourself, as you would with any professional career you embark upon. Being a doula is an incredibly fulfilling career! It can also be a wonderful way to make a living and make a difference in your community.

Will I make a good doula?

Do you believe parents deserve the best birth care?

Do you want to make a difference in maternal and infant mortality?

Do you possess a professional work ethic?

Do you have empathy and compassion?

Do you just love pregnancy?

Are you:

Compassionate, respectful and thoughtful.

Non-judgmental and believe in each person having the birth they desire.

Open to other’s differences, and have a willingness to help find solutions.

Willing to listen and learn from every client.

Believe that you can support your client.



Doulas come from all kinds of backgrounds and demographics.

We have very successful doulas from the following professions:

Social Work

Business Management

Nanny and Child Care

Community and Human Services




Massage Therapy

Office Management






Corrections and Law enforcement Officers


Serving and former military

Being a doula doesn’t mean having one background or another, it is about how you feel about birth and birth issues in your community. Take the plunge and become a doula today!

Not into birth? But want to work in the same field, for the same reasons? Become a Postpartum Doula or a Childbirth Educator!





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