Doula Handouts for Clients

Doula Handouts for Clients in PDF.

The following are handouts, many are from a long time ago, but much of the information is still useful and beneficial. When we redid the site we saw many people, and heard from people still looking for these resources. These hands outs can be a great resource for assignments, parents and students. Students make handouts in our programs to work with their clients and support them through education and resources. The handouts can be used, links emailed or printed. These Doula Handouts for Clients are just for educational resources.

Please feel free to edit and use for your clients, to serve your community.



Midwives Herbal Article

Bras and Breast Care

Changes in the Pregnant Body

When Should I Worry?


Hazardous Occupations

Herbs and Pregnancy

Herbs for Labor

Herbs for Postpartum

When to Call the Midwife

New Siblings

Nutrition Handout

Over the Counter Drugs


Pregnancy Tea


Risks In Pregnancy

Sex in Pregnancy

Smoking in Pregnancy

Substance Abuse In Pregnancy

Tea for Two

Urinary Tract Infections In Pregnancy

Vitamin Handout

Weight Gain in Pregnancy


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