Charge Your Worth

Charge Your Worth!!

Charge Your Worth
Charge Your Worth

When you charge your worth, you decide. So many people talk about living wages, charging your worth and they will often tell you how much that is…. The reality is that this is up to you.  These ideas will help you when it comes to assessing your worth.

1.   What is the living wage in your community? this is a great resource for you to learn more about what a living wage is. The reality is a living wage is not really one I would want to aspire too. We want you to have a professional level wage, but starting with living wage means you are on par with the rest of your community.

2.   Figure out how much time you will be spending with clients. These would be averages. So let’s look at these general numbers.

·       2 hours prenatal meetings

·       3 hours prenatal support, email, text, phone calls.

·       16 hours labor support

·       3 hours postpartum support

·       2-5 hours other time spent with clients, compiling resources, etc.. You can’t factor in driving time, no one get paid for commuting unless it is outside of the normal work area.

Other types of work include:

·       Website design and marketing

·       Facebook time promoting

·       Self-education

You will also have additional expenses, like childcare, gas, supplies and website and promotional costs.

These also have costs, so make sure you know what your monthly business expenses are. These can be very inexpensive or quite costly. If you do all your work yourself, you will have to place value on your time.

So let’s say 26 hours per client and 20 hours a month on other aspects, this is further divided because you are not doing 20 hours of promotion per client. I am using the $20 for this equation for ease. You can of course determine what a professional wage is for you.

We will use the calculator from MIT in a very expensive place to live, Fairfield, CT. $1150.00 per birth. This is for essentially 2 (46 hours) weeks of full time work.

Your rate of pay will also be based on your education, skill set, what others in your industry charge and what your community is willing to pay. My research showed that most doulas in this community charge from about $750-1500.

What you decide to charge is up to you. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for charging to much or not enough. You will have to come to a balance with your family, business and life.

You may not know this but in 2001 BAI started the financial conversation, and have always promoted as sustainable living for all of our students and professionals.

We believe in you and your skills. Believe in yourself and believe in what your education brings to the table. When you complete your education you have the highest level of education in the industry, be proud of them.

Did you know we have a Business of Birth Prosperity Course? This course will help you charge your worth, know your market and teach you to attract clients, and cater to your ideal client.

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