Kate Dewey

Kate Dewey CD/CDT (BAI), CLE “Kate Dewey has been a birth and postpartum doula for 8 years in the Pacific Northwest. Along with her passion for supporting families in the birthing room, she has been an educator in the region

Cindy Calvano

Cindy Calvano Cindy Calvano, CDT, CD, AAHCC, EBBI, LLLL, MSEd Cindy feels honored to have found her calling as an educator and birth worker. She has a strong teaching background, earning a Bachelors of Science in Dramatic Arts in 2001,

Heathir Brown

Heathir Brown lives in Eugene, Oregon. She is a certified birth doula and a founder of Blissful Beginnings doula agency.  The agency grew out of her love for mentoring new doulas and a desire for them to be successful enough

Demetria Clark- Global Director

Demetria is a Master Herbalist and Aromatherapist, Professional Doula Trainer, Midwife, and Childbirth Educator. Demetria has written for Special Delivery, Birth Kit, Midwifery Today, Vegetarian Baby and many other fine publications on herbalism, birth, aromatherapy and other similar topics. Demetria is

Helena Wu

Helena Wu is a CPM, Herbalist and Birth Arts Doula Trainer. She brings more than twenty years of Birth and Women support care to Birth Arts International. Helena of Moon Mountain Midwifery and Herbal Medicine is a Licensed Midwife who

Patricia Couch

Patricia is an Oregon midwife who has been with Birth Arts International for a long time. She also besides training doulas, works as a midwife at a birth center and in Haiti. Patricia has been providing a variety of high-quality