Business Tips

Business Tips

From Demetria Clark

Business Tips from Demetria Clark. Run your best business and maximize your potential for connection and growth.

1. Make your first goal of the year to have an emergency fund for extra expenses, like additional childcare, a hotel if you’re too tired to drive home, extras for really long births. Having this safety net will make you more secure in business. One of the best decisions I made, and it was great when I was gone extra long. Bowling with dad, pizza for dinner or a hotel to support a preemie couple, so I didn’t have to drive 2 hours after supporting the family for almost 48 hours.

2. Save three to six months of income for an emergency. Having an emergency fund for unexpected events will make you feel secure and safe when the unexpected happens. Mortgages don’t care if you have an emergency, car payments could care less.

3. Set up a tax savings account. Put away 15% percent of your pay from day one for taxes. This savings commitment is hard, and it gets many people mad. Screw this mentality, starting now! If I am paying taxes, then I am making money! Own it, be proud. “If I am paying taxes, then I am making money!!” Be so proud that you can bring this to the table.

4. Put away 10% of your pay in a compound interest savings account and let your money grow for you.
Yes, I get it 25% of your pay is gone right away, but you will learn the value of your time and enjoy knowing that at the end of the year you aren’t scrambling for taxes and that you have saved money for your future.

Not enough left over? Maybe you need to charge more for your services and place a greater value on what you do. You are worth every penny and so is your future.

5. Belief is not enough.  You have to work it — every day. Manifesting requires hard work, focus, and dedication. Trust me, you’ve got this, but you have to do it, not just want it. I am up every day at 4 am. I work this way so I can have time for other things in my day. A lunchtime walk, coffee with my adult children, take my dogs for a walk when they need one. Here’s the thing, work it every day and find a pattern of consistent work that works for you. When you work it, get inspired by others, but be true to you, don’t use other’s work, don’t model yourself too closely, don’t keep an eye on what other’s are doing, focus on maximizing your reach and potential.
business tips

6. Be inspired by the little things. My first goal was to pay for pizza once a month, started my first business with $32 saved from couponing and sales. Be proud of yourself when you attain the little goals, they add up. It was 23 years ago I started believing and attaining small goals, and it still works for me.

7. Learn to say no when you need too. Its okay and trust me, saying no doesn’t make you a bad person or that you don’t care. Often “badness,” “meanness” or “stinginess” is linked in our heads concerning no, sometimes saying no is the kindest thing you can say. Get over it. You are none of those if you feasibly can’t help a friend, client, or family in whatever way they need for whatever reason.

8. Not everyone needs to be your client. When you stop clawing and comparing you actually get a lot of freedom and growth. You will NEVER hear me put down another organization or school, or compare myself to them, and it is a waste of time. I have to answer questions and try to be the best I can be. Be open to being your best. You will never be liked by everyone, and you will never be the perfect fit for everyone. It is also okay that not everyone can afford you. You will feel like a bargain to someone and out of reach for someone else, and this is how it all works.
If they want you, they will figure it out.  Don’t worry if they go with someone else, trust that they are getting what they want. You are golden. You are worth your rates and when you work with your people you will feel more valued and fulfilled.

9. You represent you and your company. Clean up your social media, don’t waste energy fighting online, clients can see that. Spend that time on perfecting your craft. You don’t have to save or educate everyone, they all have Google too. That goes for you also, don’t understand a cultural idea, medical procedure, study, etc.. look it up. Don’t ask others to explain it all to you and don’t post about something being “stupid” until you check it out. Take this responsibility. You would be devastated if something you posted without knowledge or understanding really offended a client and you didn’t mean it or it was out of context, right?

10. Enjoy the sunsets and sunrises,  dance like no one is watching, sing like your voice matters, trust your gut,  believe what you believe and stand tall in you. You are beautiful,  strong, talented and bring so much to the table. Share, support and give more than you take. Never deplete your reserves. Recharge yourself, be it taking a bath, laughing with friends, reading a book, playing Legos with your kids, going on a date, do it. You’ve earned it. You bring more to the world every day just by being in it. You are someone’s sunrise and sunset every day, own it.
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