Become a Doula Today! Certified Doula

Become a Doula Today!

So, you want to become a Doula?

Wonderful! I am thrilled you want to become a doula. When you become a doula you are able to have a career you love and work to make birth better. At Birth Arts International we train doulas to be their best!


How do I become a doula?

Join Us. We have four ways you can become a doula.

I know, pretty cool right? You can choose the track that works best for you and your life. This means you are in charge of how you learn and you can learn at your own pace and schedule. No hidden fees, membership, certification, or grading fees.

Workshop– In person workshop with a highly trained instructor, and then students complete the education online at their own pace.

Distance Learning– Students are sent materials and have access to all of our materials online, and work at their own pace.

eLearning- All of our materials are in the online classroom. Our materials are 400+ page workbook, activities, lectures, extra support materials and so much more.

Crossover/Recertification Option– Already a trained doula? Want to be certified through us instead? Use this option. We have many ways you can become a doula.

What is required to complete certification to become a doula?

  • Completion of all activities in the workbook. Our 400+ page workbook offers information on how to be an excellent doula, but also details about support techniques, communication, cultural diversity, labor progression, natural birth, interventions, support through all types and aspects of labor, breastfeeding and so much more!
  • Attending 5 births.
  • Complete selections from our reading list. Students select additional reading materials to supplement their education.
  • Attend a local Childbirth Education class session. We want you to know what is being taught in your community and to make vital professional connections.
  • We also have activities to help your business grow and thrive. We help you prepare to have a successful business right away. Did you know that BAI is headed by a skilled business woman who made compassion and business work for over 20 years, and a best selling author? You will get advice based on 20 years of success not a quick formula that won’t work in the real world.

Why does one choose to become a doula?

People come to doula work for a variety of reasons.

  • They  had a birth experience that guided them to this work, either an empowering experience or an experience that changed their outlook on birth.
  • They want to have a positive effect on a serious problem, maternal mortality. The United States for example is often at the bottom of ratings for industrialized nations for infant and maternal mortality. BAI was founded on the principle of changing these statistics since 2000.
  • They are drawn to birth work as a career.
  • They want women to know they have choices and options in pregnancy.
  • They believe that they can help make birth better.
  • They are going to midwifery school and it is a prerequisite for admission.
  • They are a nurse and want to learn how to support women like doulas do.
  • They are a childbirth educator, massage therapist, yoga instructor and want to add this service to their offerings.
  • They believe in helping with the foundations of happy families and good birth experiences and satisfaction.
  • They want to make a difference in their community, and want to support families.

What are some of the joys of being a doula?

Doulas get to experience may joys throughout their career.

  • Being present when welcoming a new life into the world.
  • Watching families grow.
  • Helping parents to advocate for themselves.
  • Offering families education and support throughout pregnancy.
  • You get to be your own boss.
  • You own your own company.
  • You make a great income that helps to support your family.

What are some of the other sides of the job?

  • Being on call can take some time to get used to.
  • You are in charge of your career. Sometimes that can be tough.
  • You will want to keep educating yourself to stay in touch with your industry.

At Birth Arts International we share with you the tools to become the best doula you can be. We have excellent student support, bonus materials and free continuing education as you grow in your career. We have a student support group that allows you to work with doulas from all over the world and learn from each other. In addition, you also can contact the Director,  for support.

We want you to succeed!

Become a Doula
Become a Doula
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