Aromatherapy Certification for Doulas

Aromatherapy Certification for Doulas - Birth Arts InternationalAromatherapy Certification for Doulas

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Aromatherapy Certification for Doula Practice        

This program is a two-part education program; it begins with an aromatherapy certification program and then enrollment into an advanced learning module; this module covers extensive aromatherapy practice and care for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum care. Students will learn about aromatherapy formulations, safety and appropriate use with labor support, pregnancy issues, and postpartum life. Unlike other programs you will find online, this program is taught by the instructor of a NAHA-approved school. You will be enrolled in the Heart of Herbs Herbal School Level I Aromatherapy Certification and the Aromatherapy for Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum Certification.

Students will be able to:

  • Discuss aromatherapy, its history, and development Identify and safely use up to twenty essential oils, including application methods.
  • Evaluate the quality of essential oils, and understand the principal production methods.
  • Describe the physiology of the sense of smell.
  • Give an overview of the limbic system, lymphatic system, immune system, skin, and methods of absorption of essential oils.
  • Discuss how essential oils interact on physical and emotional levels. Understanding the chemistry of essential oils Identify contraindications and safety issues.
  • Create blends and formulate for specific ailments and issues.
  • Students will upon completion have an advanced aromatherapy education and a specialty certificate.

 Students are required to read the following books for the course:

Clinical Aromatherapy for Pregnancy and Childbirth by Denise Tiran

Essential Oil Safety by Robert Tisserand

This program is done with a dual certification with Heart of Herbs Herbal School. Upon completion, you will have an Aromatherapy Level I Certification and your Aromatherapy for Birth Workers from Birth Arts. All enrollments are final. Upon enrollment, you will be sent a code for the Heart of Herbs Course and the Birth Arts International Course.

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