Anatomy for Doulas

Anatomy for Doulas - Birth Arts InternationalAnatomy for Doulas- Advanced Doula Training

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The Birth Arts International Anatomy for Doulas class is an anatomy program focused on the needs of doulas and postpartum doulas. This program covers women's anatomy in pregnancy and postpartum, and the anatomy of the placenta. The Anatomy for Doulas class offers anatomical information for better support, comfort and care for clients by doulas and postpartum doulas

Doulas and postpartum doulas can benefit from having an anatomical education because it allows for a deeper understanding of the mother’s specific anatomical needs and changes in pregnancy and the postpartum period. This class will also cover the anatomical structures involved with birth.

Anatomy for Doula students learn about the major body systems, female/pregnancy specific topics to include:

  • Female Pelvis
  • Fetal Positioning
  • Labor and Positioning
  • Fetal Anatomy
  • Placenta Anatomy
  • Breast Anatomy


Additional Reading Materials- Students are provided with a variety of options to include utilizing library anatomy texts, internet and interactive websites. In the Anatomy for Doulas class we ask that students use anatomical texts less than 3 years old, but do not require certain ones to be purchased, this is so students can find a course book at the local library.

This class is offered as an online eLearning class only

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