About Birth Arts International

About Birth Arts International

Birth Arts InternationalBirth Arts International was originally founded in 2000 by Demetria Clark as the Green Mountain Doula Guild. Since then the organization has expanded and grown into Birth Arts International a division of Demetria Clark Education Services LLC. We have gone from a regional body to one that is working internationally, offering extensive doula, postpartum doula, childbirth educator, midwifery assistant and advanced doula trainings.

Birth Arts International is considered the premier holistic doula training organization, and it is known for it's support and progressive student support practices.

Birth Arts International, as of 2014, has trained over 20,000 birthworkers worldwide, and that number continues to grow year after year.


The Birth Arts International Trainers are:

  • Demetria Clark- Global Director and Distance Learning, eLearning Instructor
  • Helena Wu- East Coast Class Facilitator, Eastern Canadian Trainer
  • Beth Leianne Goldberg- Mid Atlantic Trainer
  • Patricia Couch- West-coast Trainer
  • Eloise Maeva Ciceron- Mexico, Spanish and French Speaking European Trainer
  • Mavis Gewant- East-coast, South, Southwest, and West-coast Trainer
  • Joyce A. Vanselow- East-coast, NY Trainer
  • Jo Anne Crawford- Southeast Trainer- GA, AL, SC, FL
  • Amie Salter- West Coast Postpartum Trainer
  • Dionne Otto-Midwest Trainer

Please feel free to request specific trainers also, most of our trainers are able to travel to other locations to hold workshops.

Visit The Women of Birth Arts International for more information about Birth Arts International Trainers.

Standards of Practice


Birth Arts International Philosophy

The birthing woman deserves to be honored and supported as she embarks on this most challenging, heartfullfilling and expressive journey. Birth Arts educational programs are for those who want to get to the heart of what it means to be “with woman”. Being a doula is truly being with women, where they are emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Birth Arts programs venture to follow this more natural way of passing along women’s wisdom, allowing and following women in her natural progression through pregnancy and labor. We honor and know the value of technology and technocratic options, but we also know that the value natural birth and all that offers is priceless. We believe that nature and science and coexist and mothers can truly benefit from this, by trusting their bodies first. We want Birth Arts Doulas to trust in their inner wisdom, education and trust in the mother to serve her way she needs to be served.

We believe our students should be supported in the same way they will be supporting the women and families they work with. Each student receives attention via telephone, snail mail or on-line contact. We look forward to meeting them in person at one of the workshops. Each student will have their unique timing and way of completing the program. We want to help you become a compassionate and skilled birth caregiver.

We expect you to take the responsibility for doing the work, to take the initiative to ask questions and do research and to communicate clearly about your needs pertaining to the program.


We hope Birth Arts International offers the kind of birth education you are seeking.

All enrollments into programs are non-refundable.