5 Uses for Soda at a Birth

Doula Ideas on the fly… easy tools to help you!

Soda at Birth? - Doula Ideas on the fly… easy tools to help you!
Soda at Birth??

Soda? Some doulas carry a can of soda, or choose a soda to drink at 3:00 in the morning instead of a cup of coffee or tea. But did you know that you can use an unopened soda for much more than drinking? You can use another canned beverage, but sodas are available in all hospitals.

Soda Tips

1. Get a cold soda from a machine (if a hospital) and use as a massage tool that is really cold for counter pressure.

2. As a reflexology tool, assist the mother in rolling her foot over the can to stretch the ligaments of the arch of the foot. This can help to rejuvenate tired legs and backs.

3. Cold pack for the back, just to rest on the women’s back or head if she is really warm and is seeking relief. I remember being at a birth and having a woman wanting the cold soda, on her forehead, because it was so much cooler than the cold washcloth. But I can’t remember how we went from a cold compress to a cold soda though.

4. Spouse/partner is lagging at the birth and wants a pick me up, they can drink it.  This can also work for canned spritzers, and or seltzer water.

5. Starting to get a migraine at a birth, crack open a caffeinated soda to assist in heading off the headache.

Of course we all know that soda is not healthy, and shouldn’t be offered to the mom to drink in labor,

and we as doulas shouldn’t drink a lot of soda either, and that water is really the best. I do know for

myself, when I get tired it can really pick me up and not give me a middle of the night coffee tummy.

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