Student Spotlight- Lisa Johnston

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Student Spotlight- Lisa Johnston


How long have you been a doula?
I have been a BAI student for about a month now (03/2008), and I have learned so much in the short time I’ve been a student

Do you feel BAI offered you something that was unique? What was it
BAI is great for those of us who do not live close to areas that hold Doula Training classes, and who need to go at our own pace.  BAI was the only program that I found that offered a plan that fit my schedule and needs as well as has so much support.  I’ve already made great friends through this program in the little time I’ve been involved, and it has really helped me grow as an aspiring doula.  I love that Demetria is never too busy to answer questions, and she’s so encouraging and supportive to everyone involved in her programs.  I’m afraid other doulas and aspiring doulas may not find that in other programs.

What was your favorite part of the training?

So far, my favorite part about the program is that I get to reflect on my life experiences and know that I am important, and I am special.  Never would I have thought that the things I’ve already been through in my life, birth or nonbirth related, would help me through this course.  I love that I’m able to take what I’ve been through and relay it to someone in the activities that I do.  I have a long row to hoe, but so far, I’m loving every minute of it.

Do you feel that the work Birth Arts requires will or does allow you to work as an effective doula?
I have barely begun to scratch the surface of the requirements of the BAI program, and I already want to hit the ground running as a doula!  I already feel that what this program has to offer is so thorough that once I’m certified, I will be an awesome doula.  This program touches every angle of every aspect of being a doula, that you have no choice, if you apply yourself, but coming out in the end being the best doula you can be.

How are you working as a doula now?
At the current time, I’m not working as a doula, but I am working toward a more immediate project that I can do that coincides with my doula studies as well as helps me in both areas!  Running a Natural Parenting Community and studying to be a doula compliment each other so well.  I am able to take what I’m learning in the BAI program and apply it to the community as well as take my experiences in the community and apply them to my studies.

Tell us about yourself?
I am a work at home mother of three living in Katy, Texas.  I am married to an IT geek who works for a major real estate company in Houston, Texas.  I am a natural birthing, breastfeeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping, non-vaxxing, labor supporting, women empowering, gardening, taxi service, soccer mom!

My husband and I are both very internet savvy people, and two years ago, my good friend Stacy Durdin from Pearland, Texas and I decided that we’d open up an online Natural Parenting Community.  We didn’t do this so that extremists could gather and be one big natural, tree-hugging, barefoot, live from the earth family, but to have a place where all different types of moms and families could come to get information on how to start living more naturally.  We never judge women on their choices as mothers regardless of their parenting decisions.  We do, however, encourage a more natural lifestyle whether it’s natural birth, cloth diapering, baby wearing,  non-vax, etc.  We offer the pros and cons as well as suggestions for all decisions made as parents, and we do not judge families on their final decisions.

So as it is, most of my time, at the moment, is dedicated to the growth of this community.  We are building it up to be more self sufficient so that when I am certified through the BAI program, it will not demand so much of my time, and I an focus on having the two compliment each other.

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