Student FAQs

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FAQ’s for Students


Workshop Students FAQ

1. Do I get certified after the weekend course?

No, students must complete all reading and exercises, before certification is granted. Some teachers provide students with a certificate of attendance, or if you need a letter of attendance for an employer, etc..

2. Is their a reading list I have to have done before the class?

Most of the teachers hope you have some of your reading done before class, but understand that students have lives and often not enough time to get the reading done.

3. Does BAI have any other fees, besides tuition?

No, not at this time and we do not plan to.

4. Why do workshop costs vary?

Workshop costs for students can vary depending on location and what is also being offered. If the workshop includes lodging and food it will cost more that just the class. Trainings may have additional expenses that need to be considered also.

5. Are there scholarships?

Students looking for a scholarship should directly ask the workshop teacher. This can vary from teacher to teacher and class to class. For distance learning please visit our scholarship page.

6. Can I host a class? I live overseas can I host a class?

Yes, please do. Visit our instructors pages and contact the appropriate teacher and they can fill you in on all you need to become a workshop host.

We do offer training overseas and encourage you to contact us to host a class no matter where you live.

7. Why is Birth Arts International so special?

Well you can read what our students have said on our comments page. We are also so special because we are coming to doula education from a completely different perspective and using nature as our teacher. Our teachers are the premier in the industry. They are highly education and experienced birth professionals.

8. How can I pay for the class?

Each teacher offers a variety of payment options and plans.


Distance Learning FAQ

1. How long does the program take?

That is up to you the student. We have time suggestions and ask for students to request an extension after 2 years. This is automatically approved.

2. Does BAI have any hidden fees?

No. No extra membership fees, etc..

3. How do I send in my homework?

Email or postal mail are fine. Emailed assignments for Distance learning programs are emailed to

We also have a multimedia online classroom and most students choose to upload assignments directly to the classroom.

4. Can you help me get birth clients?

No and yes. We do not act as a go between for students and clients, but we do give students the skills needed to get their own clients.

5. Does BAI distance learning offer scholarships?

Yes. Please visit our scholarships page. Students wanting a scholarship should understand that we really want you to complete and be serious about your education and have an actual financial need. When we give you a scholarship it takes up one of the slots for scholarship students, so please make sure you are serious about your education.

6. I want to work with the hospital in my area, they need proof of training, can you give me that?

Yes of course. We do this often all over the world.

7. So BAI is international, what does that mean?

It means we have students all over the world. We have students in over 122 countries, and we teach the training in English and Spanish and will be expanding to French and German soon.

From the US, Canada and Europe to Africa and Asia.

8. Do you have training in other languages?

By 2016 we hope to have training in English, German and French. We can currently accept students who speak little English, but can read English and submit their assignments in German, French, Spanish, and Italian.


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