Birth Arts International Scholarship Options

Birth Arts InternationalScholarship students must order from this page.

To apply please email and send a paragraph or two on why you need a scholarship and your plans. If we have spoken on the phone and you were approved for a scholarship, please feel free to order without submitting the letter.

Scholarship enrollments are only for the complete course online in our virtual classroom environment. They do not include the physical manual, that is online, you can print or save it. In addition we are not able to offer full scholarships, all are partial.

The online classrooms have a full virtual classroom, with interactive video and audio components.

To enroll in an scholarship option upon approval, order from this page directly. When you are approved for a scholarship you can purchase any of the programs, or any combination of and as many as you like.

If you would like to purchase bulk enrollments for a study group please email They will be through our online portal.