Payment Options

On this page you will find the option of purchasing the programs in sections. We understand that students may need to purchase the program in sections for a variety of reasons and we hope these options will help. We use PayPal to process all of our orders, offering you a multitude of payment options from Checks (through paypal), Credit Cards or your PayPal Balance.

These are the only additional options for enrollment we have. Upon ordering students are enrolled the section they have paid for. This allows the student to begin thier training before they are done paying for the course. All sales and enrollments are final.

Doula Certification Program Options or you can use a great financing option with Paypal.

Doula Certification Program- Course Cost $350.00


Doula Certification Program Section 1 - $190.00

Doula Certification Program Section 2 -$190.00 payment due 30 days after initial payment.

Postpartum Doula Program Options

Program Costs $350.00 Full Tuition


Postpartum Doula Certification Program Section 1- $190.00

Postpartum Doula Certification Program Section 2- $190.00


Monitrice Training Program - eLearning

$1250.00- Full Tuition

Section 1-$325.00

Section 2-$325.00

Section 3 -$325.00

Section 4 -$325.00

We also allow students to purchase the Monitrice Program in two halves. eLearning

First Half- $650.00

Second Half -$650.00


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