Birth Arts International

Monitrice Training Program

Birth Arts Monitrice Training program is an extensive and exploratory training program. Students will learn how to work as a monitrice prenatally, during labor and postnatally, serving the needs of the mother and her family.

Application for Monitrice Program All students must be accepted to the program. Expect the program to take at least a year. This program is more intensive and advanced and we feel it is essential to review all candidates for the program.


Monitrice Training

Women do not experience childbearing in isolated segments but as continuum. A relationship flows naturally to love making with pregnancy following, which flows into the birth, postpartum and child raising. It is a continuous process that is woven into the rest of her life. She is also a part of a family and larger society. This program is based on that continuity and context and what women really need during this time.

A Birth Arts Monitrice can provide a continuity of care that is lacking in our fragmented health care and social service systems. She can support the woman prenatally, during birth, postpartum and with family life. Traditionally, women learned how to be mothers and care for children from her family and the women in her community. In these times, all too often, a mother finds herself isolated with no one to “hang out with” to learn these things in a natural way. She may want to do things differently than her own parents. She turns to books, TV or the internet searching for her community of wise women. The Monitrice is a person in her own community that the mother can get to know during pregnancy and will feel comfortable turning to throughout the childbearing year. The Monitrice will know this mother, her family, her particular circumstances and can tailor her care to her individual needs.

Women process feelings and thoughts by talking with others. As she talks, things become more clear and she is able to work out problems for herself. The Monitrice offers an understanding ear and a reflective perspective.
The Monitrice can help the mother in a direct way. Cooking, shopping, doing household chores, child care, breastfeeding support, giving information or sharing resources are some of the things she does.

We know that one on one, in home, personal support works better than large classes or brief visits with a care provider. Women prefer this and the whole family benefits from such intensive care. The Monitrice always fosters family bonding, showing the partner or other family members how they can support the mother and baby.

A Monitrice will be familiar with local resources and can refer a mother for what she needs. She can work with her local health department, social services, hospital, homebirth midwife, birth education or breastfeeding group or on her own. She is familiar with alternative/complimentary health care modalities that are available.

The Monitrice is not a medical caregiver. Although a lot of monitrices are nurses. She does have specified basic health assessment skills she is competent to perform. She may also teach them to parents so they can do them for themselves. She is knowledgeable about normal childbearing and encourages the mother to see her caregiver when there are medical questions.

Birth Arts is educating you to be a valuable resource for your community. Our goal is to bring currently available doula training to a deeper level. Advanced education modules are also available. We feel this way of caring for birthing women will contribute greatly to the health of women, their families, the community and world.

Our students learn to properly work with women utilizing skills for:

History of Birthwork
Pregnancy Assessment
Client relations
Cultural Diversity
Emotion Support skills
Prenatal Care
Labor Support techniques and skills
Adjunct Therapies
Postpartum support and skills
Breastfeeding support
Household Support
Herbal Support Techniques.
Aromatherapy Practices
Flower Essences
Universal Precautions
Skills work - BP, FHT, Urine Collection, Etc..
Business Skills

Students have to complete additional assignments throughout the workbook and additional readings.
The program costs $1250.00

Students also recieve the 4 additional books. Students choose from a list of titles.

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