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Caroline Dotson – Student Spotlight


doton2Why did you choose BAI?

I chose BAI partly because of the distance learning program but also because I felt like after reading and researching about Demetria Clark that we were like minded in our ideas about birth, supporting women in their decisions and in the holistic approach to child birth (and life). I love that she was an herbalist and that she was so willing to mentor her students, even from afar. She was great about communication and always responded to my emails even when my enrollment was delayed. BAI is different than other doula certification in the way it looks at the whole woman and not just pregnant aspect of the woman.
What did you learn about yourself while taking the program?

I have learned that I have to set aside my personal view of birth when it comes to supporting women and their families in choosing the birth that they want. It is not my birth. I will not steal the “stage.” I have a strong personality but I realize that being that strong voice in a women’s ear is much more valuable than being that strong aggressive presence. Recently during a birth the couple didn’t know the sex of their baby and when the baby came out I said “IT’S A…” and quickly silenced my self, letting the mother announce the sex as she sat up to see. If that would have happened six months ago I would have proudly shouted out the sex with no regard to the sanctity of the parents being able to enjoy the moment for themselves. I am very grateful for all that I am learning at Birth Arts International.
Dotson52013Tell us a little about yourself.

I am the mother of four boys, 11, 6,  almost 3 and 14months. I had 2 epidural births and two natural birth center births. I am passionate about women knowing what there choices are in birth and developing a community of female support, through a doula and/or midwife, will help women make better choices. I am also in school to become a midwife. I live in rural Colorado and there is only one midwife who covers a large area and no doula’s for 40 miles. I previously owned a bookstore but as my family grew I knew I was being called to a different career. I love Jesus, I have holistic view points and I believe in doTERRA essential oils. I love hanging out with my boys and my husband of 14 years, going camping, to sporting events and doing ministry. You can find me cooking, playing with yarn, sewing, reading, being silly and learning about midwifery at any given time.
What are your plans for the future?

My plans for the future as a doula are to offer a my services, birth doula, breastfeeding counselor, mother’s blessing ceremony, and postpartum doula, to the women of my community along with the surrounding areas for the next year. During that time I plan on implementing a program to offer my support FREE to single women and teens who desire it. I would love to teach  a few other women how to become doula and be a doula mentor, along with developing a more informative child birthing class and informing the community of the choices in childbirth. As I finish up my academics for midwifery, I plan on starting my clinicals and spending time learning about midwifery in the Philippines, this would put my doula work on hold but will add to my experience. I have two long term goals: one is to stay in my community and develop a better birthing community of people, possibly opening a birthing center on the Western slope of Colorado or becoming a missionary midwife (with my family) teaching the women in underdeveloped countries the skills of midwifery and how they can implament them with little to no medical supplies that would make the reliant on other organizations.

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