How to Become a Doula?

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How to Become a Doula

How to become a doula? This is a question I am often asked. In most of the world becoming a doula is a process. I will detail the process with Birth Arts International, one because I am the Director of the program, and I believe and evidence has shown that it is the best doula training program in the world. I have broken it down in numbered steps because emotions aside it is a pretty straight forward process. Being a doula can be challenging but extremely rewarding work.

How to Become a Doula
Doula at Work

1. Most students opt to enroll in a program online, distance learning or through a workshop. Once enrolled you will begin your course materials. If an online eLearning student you will have immediate access, if through distance learning students will begin with asking for online access and using the course materials sent to them. If you select the workshop option your education starts the first day of the workshops. Workshops are usually 18-20 hours of intensive education over a weekend.

2. Students will first take a look at our ethics statement, student hand book, reading list and assignment list.

3. Read the workbook. We suggest, but of course everyone has a different learning style, to read the workbook. Birth Arts International has a workbook with over 450 pages of information, and assorted resources online. This means that students have access to over a thousand pages of course content to further their learning and development.

4. Start the activities and assignments. Birth Arts International has a variety of self exploratory, doula support and education, business planning, communication and cultural diversity assignments. Becoming a professional level doula is hard work, and our students approach the profession as one they will work in as a professional dedicated to healthy and supportive birth in their community. They understand that the roll of the doula is more than showing up at a birth. They become an integral part of their community and a community resource.

5. Students will read the required books, attend births, make business resources and materials and be able to set off into the doula world well educated and prepared to work and assist women in their community.

6. Students attend births and are evaluated by the student themselves and the families they serve. This allows the doula to offer herself some in depth self reflection and assessment and to actually hear from the women and families they serve. Our students work closely with families and know they need to cater support to each mother’s needs.

7. Birth Arts International does not offer a flat out “EXAM” for certification, we know becoming a doula is a process. We evaluate each student’s portfolio of work, progress through the program and are available to offer individual support in areas students need additional assistance. Each student’s work is directly submitted to Demetria Clark, she takes the time to go over each student’s work.

8 Certification is given only after a student has completed all work to a 100% level. Students who score lower than a pass or 100%, depending on the assignment, we will work with them until they have achieved a level excellence. Only then will you become certified through Birth Arts International.

What does Birth Arts International Certification mean? It means you have completed and met the highest international standards, completed the most rigorous certification program. This ensures expectant parents and their birth care providers that you adhere to the highest standards of conduct, educational practices and ethics.

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