Birth Arts Distance Learning Doula Training

Purchase the Doula Program through Distance Learning Course Cost $350.00


The Birth Arts Distance Learning Doula Program is an exceptionally put together program. The program includes the complete doula training work book that includes an over 350 pages of up to date evidence based doula training information in the classic Birth Arts style.

The Birth Arts style offers a doula education like no other. Birth Arts takes doula students through a doula training that challenges ideals, thought processes and allows the doula student to work through how they can best support women in labor.

Requirements for the program include

Birth Arts Training Manual- 350+ pages of workbook, with doula training, emotional, communication and hands on doula training exercises. Our manual offers exercises to explore being a doula, what being a doula is and the skills of a doula.

Attend One Childbirth Education Series- this can be a private childbirth education class or hospital based program. We require this so you know what women in your area are receiving as childbirth education. Hour requirement is 8 hours.

Book List- Read the required books from the book list. We require a few more books that most certifying bodies because we feel it is essential to view birth with an open mind and an educated mind. Reading two to three more books can assist in doing this but it also exposes students to different viewpoints and perceptions of the birth process.

Additional Assignments- You will find the Birth Arts workbook like no other doula training workbook. You will do assignments that look into your heart and challenge you mind and perceptions of birth and labor support. We want students to fully process and achieve their maximum potential.

Birth Attendance- We require the documentation of attendance at 5 births. Optimally students will attend 3 hospital births, one home birth and one cesarean birth. Any combination though and all births are acceptable, but students are not allowed to submit certification evaluations from more that 2 cesarean births or 3 home births, we want students to view birth in as many settings as possible. We do NOT require students to seek evaluations and assessment from the mother's other health care providers. We are training our doulas not to seek approval, but to work as fully trained professionals.

Purchase the Doula Program through Distance Learning Course Cost $350.00


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Total Price $600.00

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Your Instructor for this class is Demetria Clark, please feel free to ask Demetria any questions you have.



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