The Women of Birth Arts International

Demetria Clark- Global Director

Demetria is a Master Herbalist and Aromatherapist, Certified Doula, and Childbirth Educator. Demetria has written for Special Delivery, Birth Kit, Midwifery Today, Vegetarian Baby and many other fine publications on herbalism, birth and other similar topics. She was on faculty at the Midwives College of Utah and has taught at educational institutions around the world. Her book on Herbal Healing for Children is now available. Read More

Helena Wu

Helena Wu is a CPM, Herbalist and Birth Arts Doula Trainer. She brings more than twenty years of Birth and Women support care to Birth Arts International. You can read more about Helena

Beth Leianne Goldberg

Beth has worked with women through many phases of their lives and she offers a special gift for all the women she has worked with as a social worker, doula, childbirth educate, doula instructor and midwife. Read more about Beth

Patricia Couch

Patricia is an Oregon midwife who has been with Birth Arts International for a long time. She also besides training doulas, works as a midwife at a birth center and in Haiti. Read More About Patricia

Eloïse Maeva Ciceron

Eloïse Maeva Ciceron is a midwife, doula and childbirth educator currently based in Argentina. She studied midwifery in Oaxaca, Mexico with an NGO called Nueve Lunas, which intertwined together the traditional and professional models of midwifery. The program lasted three years during which she had the great opportunity to learn from the wise “godmother” midwives who provided her with a wealth of knowledge on herbalism, reboso techniques and other alternative methods. Eloise teaches in English, Spanish and French. Read more about Eloise

Mavis Gewant

Mavis has always had a passion for birth and babies, which led her on her path as a birth advocate, labor and postpartum doula and birth educator. Trained and certified through ALACE, she has supported families during, pregnancy, birth and beyond for more than 17 years. Read more about Mavis

Joyce A. Vanselow

Joyce brings a long history of work and service in support of women, families and children in the community to her birth work. For her, there is deep value in every life and work role through the years but of all those roles, she regards those of mother and full partner in marriage as most important- a value that deepens her respectful support of women, their partners and families during the childbirth experience over the last 6 years. Read more about Joyce

Jo Anne Crawford

Jo Anne brings experiences to her doula education offerings, she has experienced a wide variety of birth experiences personally and professionally. She is a CBE, Midwive's Assistant and a Doula serving families wherever she is. Read more about Jo Anne


Amie Salter

Amie is a Newborn Specialist, a Birth & Postpartum Doula. She is also a professional sleep trainer, assisting families in getting their children to sleep through night from 12 weeks of age. Read more about Amie Salter.