Breastfeeding Educator Certification

Become a Breastfeeding Educator or Lactation Educator, assist women to breastfeed and nourish their infant with confidence and pride!

The purpose of the Birth Arts International Breastfeeding Educator Certification (BEC) is to provide childbirth professionals, such as doulas, postpartum doulas, childbirth educators, midwives, nurses, midwife's assistant, and community support workers comprehensive training in breastfeeding education. When the student completes the Breastfeeding Educator Certification program they will be qualified to teach, support, and educate the public on breastfeeding and related issues and policies.

Some of what you will learn:

  • How to support mothers immediately postpartum
  • How to support mothers with common latching, mastitis, pumping and overall breastfeeding issues.
  • Breast anatomy and physiology
  • Nutrition for breastfeeding mothers
  • Benefits of breastfeeding for the mother and baby.
  • Appropriate examination and care techniques
  • Universal precautions and so much more...

Course Requirements

  • Complete all workbook activities, this includes Q&A, Essays, Reflective Practices and hands on activities.
  • Read all required reading materials
  • Attend 8 Breastfeeding Meetings in your local community.
  • Complete Research paper on an aspect of Breastfeeding
  • Submit a completed resume or CV.
  • Submit a class outline or Poweroint presentation for assisting parents with breastfeeding and common breastfeeding issues.
  • Work for clients in your community.

The program manual and workbook is over 170 pages long.

Course Hours for Lactation Organizations

Birth Arts International BEC Hours
100 hours breastfeeding specific education
50 hours Science, Anatomy and Biology
50 hours
600 hours direct supervision at least 3 clinical sites in your community
100 hours counseling specific work
50 hours sociology and cultural diversity
50 hours Infant growth and development
10 hours Medical Terminology

Total BAI Education Hours
1010 hours. This is essentially working 40 hours a week for six months.



This is an intensive course of study, for breastfeeding educators.

Course Costs: $330.00

Combination Options

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Purchase the Distance Learning Doula and Postpartum training for over $100 savings.

Total Price $600.00


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Breastfeeding Educator and Childbirth Educator Combination Enrollment Distance Learning and save.

Total Price $700.00


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Total Price $600.00

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Total Price $600.00

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