Monitrice Program Application

You can copy and paste your application into an email, Birth Arts Application email link.

Other ways to can submit your application:

  • Ask Birth Arts to email you a PDF application you can print and send in. Application in PDF
  • Ask Birth Arts to email you a Word application you can fill out and email back.

Application for Birth Arts Monitrice Training Program





Resume or list of education experiences. The more complete picture the better.

Did you complete High School? GED- Please list school name and date or date of GED.

Did you attend college? Please list the schools and degrees if any achieved.

Have you worked as a doula, nurse, postpartum doula, midwife's assistant?

Do you have any experience with birth?

How many birth's have you attended?

Do you have any skills that you feel will make you a better Monitrice?

What are your hobbies?

How long do you feel this training will take?

What obstacles are may occur in your life that could delay training for you?

Have you ever been convicted of a Felony?

Why do you want to be a monitrice?

I affirm that I understand that the attaining of clinical skills is not the responsibility of Birth Arts but my responsibility. Birth Arts will assist in helping me find a clinical assistant but the responsibility is mine alone. I also know that Birth Arts is a training organization and they are not responsible for how I use my skills, or how I combine being a monitrice with other professional skills. I understand that the title Monitrice is not regulated in the US and I will check and determine the legalities of my state.




Please email application to : Birth Arts Application

Please print and sign the application for your records. We will ask for the signed copy when you are accepted.

Upon reviewing your application Birth Arts send an acceptance or denial letter. Please be as concise and clear as possible.


BAI does not make an practice claims, or guarantee you can practice in your state. Each student is responsible for researching thier own practice needs and legalities.