Advanced Womens Herbal and Aromatherapy

Birth Arts International - Advanced Womens Health Herbal and AromatherapyAdvanced Women's Health Herbal and Aromatherapy

 After 10 years of a highly successful program we are revamping and updating all of the program content. If you are interested in enrolling when all new content is added and updated as a new student, please email If you are a current student, your enrollment is not effected.  

The Advanced Women's Health Herbal and Aromatherapy covers women's health issues from puberty to menopause. We have in-depth childbirth, menopause, menstruation sections and formulations. Learn to support women with a variety of health issues. This program is open to Herbalist, Midwives, Doulas and Aromatherapist, Nurses, Doctors, or other professionals who work to support women. This is not a beginners program. Birth and gynecological knowledge is expected. This program is newly updated. Herbal and aromatherapy education for women's health is an excellent offering for clients and another reason for people to reach out for your services.

This advanced program contains over 270 pages long; covering topics that are important like prenatal nutrition, labor support options, afterbirth and postpartum care, aromatherapy, menstruation and issues, common pregnancy variations and complications and so much more. This course uses modern herbal skills and ancient wisdom passed down by women through the ages, and advanced herbal and aromatherapy formulations. A certificate of completion and skills in the scientific and didactic requirements for the program is given. Students will learn how to effective use herbal medicine and aromatherapy to assist women with a myriad of health issues.

This is a joint program from Heart of Herbs Herbal School and Birth Arts International.

This program is completely online, using our online classroom, students will have access to a variety of educational resources. Please feel free to join us on this new aspect of your birth work journey in the  Advanced Women's Herbal and Aromatherapy program.

All enrollments are final.