10 Baby on the Cheap Ideas

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10 Baby on the Cheap Ideas

1. Hand me downs!!

2. Buy used furniture. If it is refinish-able, refinish, if not try painting geometric designs or patterns. You will be surprised at your creative genius.

3. Try finding toys and bedding at yard sales or thrift stores. You will be amazed at what needs just a good clean. I know plenty of people who have gotten almost new items such as car seats, carriers and clothes this way. (Update- it is not generally suggested for safety’s sake to use a used car seat.)

4. Learn how to make mobiles and crafts as activities to do with your children, check out your library.

5. Breastfeed. Breastfeeding will prevent illness (less doctor’s visits) and it is free (formula is approximately $1200 a year).

6. Look into the economics of cloth diapers. Paper diapers generally cost $1,092 a year. These are not even the more environmentally friendly ones like Tushies.

7. Educate yourself on children’s needs and illnesses to lessen unnecessary doctor visits. This is not to suggest one doesn’t take their child to see their health care provider. Check out my book -Herbal Healing for Children. You will find a lot of ways to save money around the house.

8. Cook from scratch for your baby’s food and use a blender or food mill. Try simple foods like yams, rice, peas, etc.. babies do not need canned and processed meals in a jar. My children were eating curries with us a 10 months old (mild ones) they was wanted what we were eating.

9. Learn to make your own detergent, household cleaners and cooking mixes. They save money and can be non-toxic, safe and cheap.

10. Tell friends and relatives about raising on the cheap and you will be surprised how others want to loan or give you stuff they no longer want.


How to sew a baby carrier sling

The following directions will help you create an unpadded sling similar to a Maya Wrap. Slings are easy to make, and magnificent to use with infants and toddlers! I suggest you use medium to heavy weight 100% cotton fabric for your sling. You can also use a stretch cotton, or cotton blend. You want to use a fabric that will be strong and durable and appropriate for your climate, you may not want polar fleece in Alabama. It’s essential to choose non-directional prints. You want a machine washable fabric; after all, you’ll be carrying your child around in this sling and who knows what will get on it. (Well we all know) You can also use mesh for a sling to take in a swimming pool or lake during the summer. The mesh fabric should be strong enough for everyday use, so make sure you purchase a strong mesh.


1 1/2 – 2 yards of fabric (45” or 60” wide fabrics will both work; it depends on your preference. The length of fabric will depend on your body size and how long of a tail you want.)

Matching thread

2 heavy duty metal or plastic rings at least 3 inches in diameter (you can use macramé rings found in craft stores, or order rings made specifically for slings online.)

Sewing Directions:

Fold salvage edge over 1/4 inch, and then again another 1/4 inch and sew, creating a narrow hem. Repeat on other side finishing off salvages.

2. Trim both unfinished ends of fabric along cut line evenly. Hem using same method used for salvage edges. You will now have a long rectangle of fabric with all edges neatly hemmed.

3. Next, you will create the part of your sling that will rest on your shoulder and hold the rings. You will need to divide the width of your fabric by three and accordion fold the fabric evenly and uniformly. For example, if you have selected a 45 inch wide piece of fabric, you will need to fold it into approximately 15, 3 inch sections to obtain a neat three inch wide stack of fabric to loop through the rings to create the shoulder rest.

4. Once one end of your fabric is accordion folded, loop it through BOTH rings. Fold the fabric back against itself and sew securely to hold the rings. I suggest sewing several rows of straight stitching about 1/4 inch from each other.

5. Gather the opposite end of the sling together loosely in your hand. This will now become the “tail” end of your sling. Loop it through both rings, pulling it back through one ring only to secure it and make it adjustable.

Your sling is now ready for use! By pulling the tail through the two rings you can adjust and custom fit the sling to you and your baby. This sling has a large tail that can be used for discreet breastfeeding in public, a drool rag, and added warmth in cold weather. The lack of padding in this sling (as opposed to other types) makes it extremely versatile and able to conform to many different carrying positions and body types.


Green Tit is just sharing directions and does not take any responsibly for these instructions and mishaps that may occur from following said instructions. This is the responsibility of the reader.

BAI is also just sharing directions also. We want you to make sure that all you do is safe.



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